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  1. SketchBook: It's really, really insulting to have it called...

    It's really, really insulting to have it called that blanket term..
    I feel like I've moved pretty far away from traditional anime and I've seen other's sketchbooks with anime or cartoony works that...
  2. SketchBook: Update March 12th ...

    Update March 12th
    Chibi concept of further character design...
  3. SketchBook: Old old old~

    This is the ancient stuff, still probably decaying in a folder somewhere.
    Most is done in sharpie so the original copies wouldnt hold up well anyways.
    Last I checked, most of these had actually...
  4. SketchBook: Heather's Sketchbook (Update March 12th, third post) Comment Please!

    I'm new to this site but have lurked, as a non member, for a while
    It seems this is the place to come if you really want to be better, and while I like my style currently I DO want to get better...
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