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    London WS Review

    Hey folks

    I thought it would be really good, if we would talk about the pro and contra of the Workshop.... I hope there are others who feel the same way as I do.

    First and foremost, I thank...
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    What an unfortunate thread. Brad has been wronged...

    What an unfortunate thread. Brad has been wronged ,I have no knowledge and can't speak to what has been communicated or paid out between them but allowances need to be made.

    However I want...
  3. 172711917271201727121172712217271231727124 ...


    cant wait to see you all!
  4. Many thanks to Corel for sponsoring ConceptArt.Org. Workshop goodies to come!

    Many thanks to the incredible Corel Painter 12 team for their sponsorship of our community. We will have a host of awesome stuff happening here, including an up coming contest, and prizes for the...
  5. The ConceptArt.Org Workshop Venue - Check it out! :)

    Choosing the right venue is hugely important to having a great workshop. It is a patient task, and one that requires research, countless phone calls, emails and perseverance. With that said, I am...
  6. ConceptArt.Org Workshop Interview # 3 with Marc Holmes

    We are honored to share this interview with one of the top art directors in the games industry, Marc Taro Holmes, who is joining us as an instructor for the upcoming workshop in the UK!.

  7. The UK Workshop. Post a portfolio piece thread! - I posted a couple too :)

    I would very much love to see some of your artworks prior to the show, and I think it will help everyone get to know each other better, as there will surely be a lot of new faces, and old friends...
  8. Coming to the London Workshop? Post up here!

    This is a thread for all whom are coming to post up and say hi. Please feel free to connect prior to the show as things always go well when we have an idea of who each other is.

    As for me...I...
  9. For the London Locals...For those of us who are coming to the UKfor the 1st time...

    So there are a handful of things that I want to see and do, aside from finally being at the workshop with everyone and making some art.

    For inspiration, this has to be the one thing outside of...
  10. ConceptArt.Org Workshop Interview # 2 with James Kei

    We are honored to have this opportunity to interview James Kei, artist, designer, painter, and one of the finest teachers I have ever had the opportunity to share time with. James will be joining us...
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    About the ConceptArt.Org Workshop.


    The ConceptArt.Org International Art and Design Symposium is headed to London for our four day workshop, this May 31-June 3. The event is designed for those who seek an ever improving...
  12. ConceptArt.Org Interview with Raph Lacoste - Ubisoft Art Director: Assassins Creed.

    Raphael Lacoste has joined ConceptArt.Org as an instructor at the upcoming International Art and Design Symposium. Raph has been guiding the vision for the blockbuster Assassins Creed franchise as...
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    Art: This is great! I absolutely love it,...

    This is great! I absolutely love it, congratulations on graduating :)
  14. Art: self-portrait

    This is my self-portait! ^^
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    SketchBook: Buenos trabajos Mike, y mejorando. me encantan...

    Buenos trabajos Mike, y mejorando. me encantan los óleos, pero este es uno de tus mejores trabajos en mi opinión. Buenísima escala de grises.
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    Art: I'm no professional so take my words with a grain...

    I'm no professional so take my words with a grain of salt =P . Your stuff is really interesting and beautiful, I especially like your environments and the close-up of the eye. But I think your...
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    Art: Hi there. I think overall you have a pretty...

    Hi there. I think overall you have a pretty decent handle on texture although it could always be pushed a bit further. What I like about your art is that you work with different compositions and...
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    SketchBook: Me encanta tu estilo Mike!!! :)

    Me encanta tu estilo Mike!!! :)
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    Art: Placement errors


    I´m Olga and I´m a new user in Concep Art. A friend (who is a user too) told me about it. Im sorry if i write bad english, but i haven´t practice english for a year so i will try to explain...
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    Art: update

    I guess I'll join the glowing line's a few things I did...
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    Art: Big Dump *MB Work Added*

    Hey guys! Been a while since I've posted anything new anywhere... All of this is freelance stuff I've been doing. I'll try to find some Massive Black work and post that up later...

    Hope to see...
  22. Art: commercial of two 2, coke , dancing with the stars, and more...BERLIN!!!

    hey guys! hows it going? its been a long time. the days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into goes so fast! man its a little too much to take sometimes... we've been busy as ever over at...
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    Art: fresh paints

    Sup, some new(ish) personal work...all in photoshop cs2. Because I am still terrified of Painter.
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    yeah, i dunno how it happened.. frickin Nibru......

    yeah, i dunno how it happened.. frickin Nibru... dude..
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    Art: portfolio drop

    It`s been a while since I posted anything in this sacred halls so I thought it is time to sacrifice some art to the mighty gods of CA
    just some random art dump but I hope it will be...
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