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    Art: Book of Bones 05/15/13

    A few views of male and female pelvis
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    Art: Memory exercise

    I do this exercise every once in a while, based on memory,
    to see how much of the skeleton I can diagram.
    These are based primary on golden section, root 4 and root 5 rectangles plus
  3. SketchBook: Coffee Stains and other things.

    A recent page of sketchbook madness.

  4. SketchBook: Here I am taking a closer look at how beard...

    Here I am taking a closer look at how beard patterns follow the planes of the head. Also, I am developing a 3/4 and frontal view from a profile view. This is a intellectual exercise and I feel very...
  5. SketchBook: A couple a quick studies inspired by Dr. William...

    A couple a quick studies inspired by Dr. William Rimmer.

    I am basically taking his diagrams and reconstructing them based on my knowledge base. I am also taking a profile from reference and doing...
  6. SketchBook: Coffee Stains and other things

    A few recent sketchbook pages.
  7. SketchBook: Legs

    Thanks all well try to post more
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    Art: Leg Studies

    Morning Chronicles.
  9. SketchBook: Amsterdam

    Sorry I missed you in Amsterdam Dman, really enjoyed looking at the Tronies of Vermeer, Rembrandt and Hals and of course dozens of other. Here is my take on a "Tronie"
  10. SketchBook: Daily Dozen

    Coffee Stained Thumbnails
  11. SketchBook: Self Portrait Final

    Here is the Final Version of my Self-Portrait for the glazing demo for Rembrandt Oil paints....Thanks BlackStrokes for your support....As Stan Lee said resently... Overnight Success, it has been a...
  12. SketchBook: Glazing Techniques

    This a the final version of a glazing demonstration piece that I am doing for Rembrandt Oil paints that shows the major steps of my glazing process. This is part of a brochure that goes inside of a...
  13. SketchBook: Thanks Mom

    Only a daily half-dozen today.
    I do want to thank my mom for always buying the big set of crayons and never tell me to stay inside the lines. Love you mom . know your watching!!!
  14. SketchBook: Bridgeman Unabridged

    One starts out copying Bridgman and others and in time those drawings are no longer copies but analyzes of had one has taken some of Bridgman, Hatton, Hale, Loomis, Bammes, etc. etc. and really...
  15. SketchBook: Self Portrait

    Its me again.
  16. SketchBook: Marian, Working on one for Eyes currently. We...


    Working on one for Eyes currently.
    We are going to do them in a little shorter segments and
    at little less cost. should have the next one done in a few weeks.
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    Art: Torso

    Here is a Torso as requested!
  18. Sticky: NSFW - Nudity Great Thread

    Outstanding direction here.... love the Russian approach of construction and observation.
  19. SketchBook: Classicism Vs. Realism

    To Those Interested!

    I know someone said earlier that "isms" don't really matter.
    We could also say here Construction Vs. Realism. Or Michelangelo vs. Bouguereau. Construction has it's roots in...
  20. SketchBook: Ideal Proportions

    Ideal proportions are of course based on each individuals idea of ideal.
    The examples posted earlier on this thread are examples of one persons idea of ideal.
    I have found that every book on this...
  21. SketchBook: Methods and Madness

    To all concerned,
    I know that I have developed a method of constructing the human form that many will not agree with.
    The images that result are images that provide interest for me.
    If the...
  22. SketchBook: art is peace

    Me 2 * alliswell
  23. SketchBook: Second Look

    Looked at your other thread and it is much better!
    I would like to make the point that this material is not presented as original in an academic sense.
    It is my journey through the past with a few...
  24. SketchBook: Mannerist

    You all seem to be missing the point.
    There is no correct in ART. If someone chooses to draw a skull or head in a way that appeals to them then that is the one that is correct.
    Michelangelo did...
  25. SketchBook: Coffee Stains and Other Thingsssss

    Had coffee with a very tired
    old man with a beard this morning
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