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  1. Sticky: Art: this is good info but what about your experiences...

    this is good info but what about your experiences do you have in dealing with these factorys and what issues do they bring to the project. what kind of factory should you be looking for, what kind of...
  2. Character/Concept ILLUSTRATOR/SCULPTURE

    I'm looking for work, check out my site and hopefully I will be a good fit.

    Please note, my background and schooling is in Illustration. So there's more to me than...
  3. Art: Sculpting with clay, Latex, Rubber, and sculpey

    I was hoping to get some crits and opinions from you all on my latest pieces, and on my new web site as a whole.
    (my entire process is on the info page)

    Please check it out and let me know what...
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    Art: I have a small tutorial

    Check it out on under the info link. let me know what you all think!
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    Art: Check out my site!

    I just joined and I noticed that there seems to be some excitment about tutorials, I just got my site running and was looking for some input about the site itself, but most importantly...
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