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  1. Making Of Eva Kedves' 'Hidden Passage' image

    Find out how Eva Kedves used a combination of original painting and photo manipulation to create this beautiful matte painting.
  2. Painting with a Traditional Focus by Feng Zhu

    Digital art master Feng Zhu looks at how to emulate a canvas painting, using a mixture of photo references and imagination.
  3. Making Of Jenny Healy's 'Victorian Voodoo' image

    From using layers of soft brush strokes and complementing palettes in Photoshop to re-working highlights of details, Jenny Healy talks us through the steps she took to achieve this alluring female....
  4. Making Of Markus Lovadina's 'The Meeting' image

    From using different custom brushes and shapes in Photoshop to adding the smallest details, Markus Lovadina talks us through every step he went through to paint this beautiful, ethereal scene.
  5. Real-Time Design With Smart Objects by Matt Kohr

    If you want to save time, check out Matt Kohr's tutorial about using Photoshop's Smart Objects command to create real-time design.
  6. Making Of Xavier Etchepare's 'The Black Sheep is Coming' image

    A giant sheep throwing a plane seemed like an obvious choice for Xavier Etchepare, who tells us how he created his image in this Making Of.
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    Making Of Li Biao's 'Mega Girl' image

    Futuristic and high-tech lighting give this Making Of image a stunning sci-fi look and in this article Li Biao tells us exactly how he achieved his impressive results:
  8. Rendering Video Game Characters in Photoshop by Feng Zhu

    Using exaggerated, video game-style characters, Feng Zhu demonstrates how to render characters with the line drawings still intact:
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    Mastering Comic Art by David Nakayama

    David Nakayama talks through the creation of a comic image, focusing on some of the processes that make comic art unique like the sketching, inking and coloring phases:
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    Making of Dominus's 'Nyx' image

    Some artists have a rigid process that they follow for every painting, but some artists start painting and see what happens. This is certainly the case in this Making Of where Dominus talks us...
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    Making of Dan Crossland's 'Hayley' image

    In this Making Of Dan Crossland shows us how he used only two brushes to create his amazing picture of Hayley.
  12. Texturing Image Breakdown: Street by Richard Tilbury

    Richard Tilbury provides an in-depth texturing breakdown of his street scene, using 3DTotal Textures.
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    Speed Sketching in Photoshop by Ahmed Aldoori

    Ahmed Aldoori gives another unique insight into his painting process with this fascinating 10 minute video.
  14. Custom Brushes Workflow Examples - Part 1 by Matt Kohr

    Custom brushes are powerful digital painting tools and in his latest video tutorial, Matt Kohr looks at how to use them to their full potential....
  15. Making of Fabio Barretta Zungrone's 'City's Heart' image

    Matte painter Fabio Barretta Zungrone was inspired by the high-tech structures in classic Japanese anime when he created his latest image....
  16. Digital Painting - Sci-fi Vehicle Sketch by Ahmed Aldoori

    An hour was all it took for Ahmed Aldoori to produce this stunning sci-fi vehicle sketch. He shares his speed painting process in our latest video tutorial....
  17. Making of Songnan Li's 'Soul Hunting' image

    Songnan Li explains the techniques he used to paint his fantastic Photoshop digital painting 'Soul Hunting' in this 3DTotal Project Overview.
  18. Making Of Prosenjit Mondal's 'Morgan Freeman Caricature' image

    Prosenjit Mondal produced this cool caricature of Morgan Freeman and here he shares the secrets behind its creation.
  19. Making Of Liam Peters's 'Discovering a Muse' image

    Liam Peters gives us a great insight into his general creation process in this Making Of, and shows us a great way of incorporating photo textures into our images....
  20. Making of Nickolay Stojanov's 'Prince of Persia - Sands of Time' Animated Theme

    Find out how Nickolay Stojanov created one of his marketing art pieces for the HD remakes of the Prince of Persia games.
  21. Character Illustration in Photoshop: Making of 'Tribal Hunter' Video

    Cam 'Camske' Sykes discuss how he goes about designing a character illustration in Photoshop, while also offering some free brushes for download!
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    Making of Yang Xeuguo's 'Concrete 5' image

    In this Making Of, Yang Xeuguo doesn't only share his thought process behind this amazing surreal art, but also gives great advice on some of the fundamental art subjects....
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    Making of Lin Bo's 'Sea War' image

    In this Photoshop project overview Lin Bo shares his entire process with us and talks us through his compositional and design choices.
  24. Photoshop Matte Painting Tutorial: Mountains by Tony Ross

    In this matte painting tutorial, Tony Ross talks us through the process of adding mountains to a video using Photoshop’s ability to edit videos.
  25. Making of Ferdinand Ladera's 'Ibaloy Warrior' image

    Ferdinand Ladera steps away from traditional themes and returns to his roots with this wonderful image of a native Fillipino warrior.
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