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  1. the wolf

    Here's what I got on the wolf so far. I like elements of them all so I'll combine some of those for the final.

    thanks for the comments and thanks folks.
  2. awsome topic

    I love these style of topics, nice work so far people. Here's what I got for now, not sure the direction. I'll continue to develop where I want it to go.
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    still plugging away

    I haven't relly put too much work on the back but hopefully I'll get it done on time. nice round so far everyone.
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    sci-fi take on it. how do we fight bugs now? pesticides, so take a leaf blower, and some pesticide. Take there exoskeleton for armor and let'm have it!
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    a challenging topic, here is where I'm at. I...

    a challenging topic, here is where I'm at. I thinking of a European solstice kind of festival. struggling to keep the perspective neat during the painting process so I got some work to do still.
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    Poll: Awesome round everyone ...

    Awesome round everyone
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    Don't have a update today thanks for the comments...

    Don't have a update today thanks for the comments though.

    dragon4lunch Thanks man, Looking forward to seeing yours as well.

    VishvaTKH Thanks, I actually blocked them in going away. However I...
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    more WIP

    Here is where I'm at. I'll put it away for a couple of days and see how it looks then. any crits are welcome.

    Thanks for the comments guys.
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    More work in Progress

    Nice update guys, thanks for the comments here's more of mine in develpoment. I'm getting close to the end here so I'm gonna start with the rally cars.

    android411 Just a small Crit, watch your...
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    word to the E, O, double "V"

    Nice open subject matter. Here is what I got so far. struggling with the palette a lot right now. I want it to feel like a warm patch of shade on a hot day. The back story will be a race track, with...
  11. Poll: Nice round everyone

    a hoy, hoy
  12. Wip

    Once again I'm late to party. Here is what I got so far. I'm torn as to what position of the head I should use. i think 01 is the best attitude. 02 is the original pose. And 03 is the one that reads...
  13. Poll: blind shaolin monk, cuffed

    A Chinese Shaolin monk, blinded by the army when they attacked his temple. Jailed for his beliefs . He adapted to his condition. still is too good to be beaten.
  14. blind shaolin monk

    some work in progress. really nice enteritis so far people. Love a lot of the ideas.
    Here is mine a blind shaolin monk, and handcuffed, who still is too good to take down.

    first set is...
  15. Awsome subject

    Saw this thread last night loved the subject I had a couple of hours to kill so I decided to get in on it. Never partaken on the COW before, nice round everyone.

    nice takes on it all around.

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    Poll: Helium forest Harvester

    Artist: No_name_brand

    Concept: Helium forest Harvester

    Mainly grazing at night the Helium forest Harvester dose this to take advantage of the cool night air. Through it's complex digestive...
  17. Poll: On the border of Brazil and Argentina Iguassu...

    On the border of Brazil and Argentina Iguassu falls. Nice subject and good round every one.
  18. finished

    I think
  19. second WIP

    more progress nice entries so far folks. Looks to be a good round.

    I want o go for a more stylized look so will see how we go.
  20. after the ice age

    here is my take on it. people who lived in a old train station. got to work in the shanty elements, and the damage. This is what I got so far.
  21. Poll: Awesome round everyone. Fished the Team chow a...

    Awesome round everyone. Fished the Team chow a week ago, wanted to change so gears with a environment.
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    Poll: Team steam boat finals

    Final entries for team steam boat. Nice round every one.
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    final work in progress

    we still have to figure out how to present them. I think as far as painting goes , I'm done. will have a update with the finals proper soon.
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    more WIP

    here is the 9 of Cups and the Sun work in progress. The Sun is more or less done. I have to get back to it in a bit with fresh eye's. 9 of cup is still in the early stages, will see where we end up...
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    the Sun WIP03

    here is what I got so far on the Sun. getting closer to the finish line here. There still a lot of work I got to do colour and saturation but you can see where it's going. I'll post more for the 9 of...
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