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    SketchBook: Sawbones' sketch dump

    Hi! I used to post here a long time ago, but I was in that sort of awkward 'not good enough or bad enough to draw notice' place with my work, so I didn't get much in the way of feedback, ha ha.
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    Hannes' and Jana's paintover thread :D

    Hey everyone!!

    Hannes and me have some spare time and after getting the scholarships we thought it would be nice to try and give something back to the community. Anyone who's been on cgtalk might...
  3. Sticky: NSFW - Nudity glowing effect

    Here you see clearly the glowing effect.

    Always practice your values, it can take years to learn to see them so better start right away!
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    Perspective Tutorial

    Hello, loves. I created this tutorial a while ago. It covers perspective for beginners.

    Enjoy. : )
  5. Sticky: NSFW - Nudity Thank you very much Dorian. Yes a skeleton is...

    Thank you very much Dorian. Yes a skeleton is definitely needed!

    -- General theory --
  6. Sticky: The Newborn Contest!!! (Now with more prizes!)

    ConceptArt.Org is proud to announce our latest contest: Newborn! Let’s get started!

    Each moment we sit down at our tablets, we have an opportunity to create a beautiful work of art. We can...
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    So much amazingness... thanks for comments/crits,...

    So much amazingness... thanks for comments/crits, much appreciated.
    Some quick crits (there are SO MANY ENTRIES... GAH! dies) Hope it helps, and heep posting, guys and gals!

    goog - I...
  8. Theory Discussion: "Alex Toth Critiques Steve Rude" Professional Critique

    I was clued in to these pages by a Bruce Timm posting in another board. Googled, and found these scans in Jason Latour's livejournal (scroll down). Apparently these are currently being passed...
  9. Process: "The Monkey King" Covers Color, Comp, and Pose

    Ok, ok, ok... just because you're nice... and also errr, because I've been spending much more time cheking in at the forum than actually doing anything productive for the past 4 days (feel kind of...
  10. Given the difficult situation freelance...

    Given the difficult situation freelance illustrators are facing, it really is important to understand the business of illustration, what to charge for your work and the terms you are agreeing to....
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    I think a lot of the confusion that we as artists...

    I think a lot of the confusion that we as artists have is that there are so many different facets of art that no one $ amount applies to all. For instance, I started out as a comic artist about ten...
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    No. It doesn't.

    No. It doesn't.
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    Wow, $1000 for a book cover seems quite nice.

    Wow, $1000 for a book cover seems quite nice.
  14. The IPA site does have most of this information...

    The IPA site does have most of this information available already in the Articles section and more information is updated at time permits. We also include most of this in the Illustrator's News.
  15. Theory Discussion: "Color Theory" Principles and Practices

    Hello forum people...

    I would like to start by saying hello, my name is Ron Lemen, my handle, Fredflickstone is more recognizeable to other forum surfers. I am an...
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