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  1. Perspective Grid Tool by Warren Marshall, Sr. Environment Artist at Epic Games

    Warren Marshall, Sr. Environment Artist at Epic Games has created a Perspective Grid Tool that lets you create a grid from scratch or reverse engineer the perspective from an image....sweet!
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    Human Proportions

    Human Proportions is a blog that frequently posts tutorials, tips, and sketches that all help with drawing the human body. It also includes some character sheets from cartoons and comic books, along...
  3. Well, there's always the lowest common...

    Well, there's always the lowest common denominator (sex) but personally I would go with whether it fits the character or not. Sometimes chainmail bikini totally fits the character or the world (Jason...
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    How To Draw Tutotials

    There is an amazing blog called HowToDrawItAll that has tons of drawing and digital painting tutorials amongst other things. Here is a list of some of the tutorials on the site. VERY HELPFUL
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    Tons of Tutorials,Guides,and More! (178 links)

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    So I looked...
  6. SketchBook: You have more then a few really nice gestures...

    You have more then a few really nice gestures here s12a. That will stand you in good stead when other end up overdoing anatomy over a stiff and unemotional pose. One method that might help you in...
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    Sticky: Hundreds of Free Art E-Books

    [*Note, May 1, 2010: Sorry, most of the items below dating from later than 1923 have recently been made unavailable for download. On the other hand there are very many older books that have been...
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