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  1. Art: New version of Esperient Creator

    Esperient Creator 3.7 has just been released. This release contains dozens of improvements and new features, most of which are designed to make the software easier to use and faster to run. ...
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    Art: Hi Solo Sorry for the delay in replying. ...

    Hi Solo

    Sorry for the delay in replying. Esperient Creator first appeared back in 2002 as Cosmos Creator - it was then acquired by Right Hemisphere wher it became Deep Creator and, early this...
  3. Art: Hi again Following your good advice, can I...

    Hi again

    Following your good advice, can I follow up by saying that we have wriiten and added another Smart Object -real time vehicle physics. This allows you to drag & drop vehicle dynamics to...
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    Art: I will - my apologies!

    I will - my apologies!
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    Art: post-processing effects for SketchUp

    I would like to point you to two more videos that have been posted on youtube. The first shows how various UI elements can be dropped onto simple SketchUp models, in this case a chair, to turn it...
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    Art: Messing with your head

    These images are all real time 3D screenshots of MRI data stored in a volume texture and rendered in real time using Esperient Creator volume shaders. The user interface options enable you to...
  7. Art: SketchUp model to car configurator in 10 minutes

    Another video showing how to transform a SketchUp car model into a basic interactive real time product configurator. This time we have used drag & drop 'Smart Objects' to add a simple User Interface,...
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    Art: Interactivity and SketchUp continued

    Hi all,

    I wanted to show you some more ways to add real time interactivity to SketchUp models so have posted a video which can be found at
    In this...
  9. Art: real time interactivity and SketchUp models

    Hello all,
    I am a new member here and would like to introduce myself. I am CEO of Esperient, a Company that develops real time 3D authoring tools for visual computing applications.

    Anyway, we...
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