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    SketchBook: Really nice

    I'm excited to see this finished.. them's some might tiny mech feet. Not that there's really any restriction on ten ton robot footwear.

    Nice wings, too! Kudos
  2. SketchBook: lizards

    I enjoy how you managed to give some real personality to your dragons, as opposed to the more common "I have teeth and I breathe fire, so I don't need to do anything emotive." Keep posting! :rocker:
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    SketchBook: these are really cute! I enjoy the flow of your...

    these are really cute! I enjoy the flow of your comic work. :mittenbop:
  4. SketchBook: what? more?
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    Poll: SketchBook: Really impressive! I enjoy your...

    Really impressive! I enjoy your biomorphic/mechanically fused sketches.

    Keep on posting!

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    SketchBook: oooh..

    I'm getting more interested in that biomechanical-bone armor piece as it evolves. Very surreal, yet you can see the pelvis.. it's kind of like a creepy Glutial butterfly, excuse the heinous...
  7. SketchBook: Thanks a lot! Appreciate it. :steph:

    Thanks a lot! Appreciate it. :steph:
  8. SketchBook: I really dig your breadth of work! That church...

    I really dig your breadth of work! That church piece you posted early on in the thread is really killer!

    The last posts you did were very cool. Wing-face covers.. really nice idea.

  9. SketchBook: No problem!

    hey, I use the exact same medium! Rock on! :rocker:

    I use prismas and markers for my tattoo work, that is.. Although I'm still hesitant with the digital. I sort of adapted the "old man new...
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    SketchBook: Cool anatomy studies. Your arm musculature...

    Cool anatomy studies. Your arm musculature studies at the end are really nice.

    I'm also digging the perspective studies on the kid's head.

    Nice skull! I'm a fan of the skulls.

  11. SketchBook: I like your intricate use of linework on your...

    I like your intricate use of linework on your first and last pieces.

    I also enjoy your ability to create the sense of depth in your pencil sketches. The collar kid piece is really cool.

  12. SketchBook: Tossing a few more in the pile..

    They are a little on the larger side, granted..
    But here a few more of my favorite character concepts.
  13. SketchBook: A few more pieces:

    My logo of sorts:
  14. SketchBook: Oh, and some more stuff, too...

    In addition to doing comic book work and character stuff, I also get requested to design tattoos for friends like crazy..

    Here's a small series of material:
  15. SketchBook: The Conceptual Brain Vomit of Trent Magnum

    So, I've been visiting this brilliant site for a bit and decided that I've sketched enough crazy junk to throw it to the masses for the C&C feeding frenzy.

    This is a series of sketches I did for...
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