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    new master artile book

    new book collecting all the master articles coming out soon collects 41 artists.
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    Bernie Fuchs 60's work and his technique

    HI ALL

    Thought this would inspire some it did me. I was not a huge Fuchs fan till I saw his 1960's painterly style. For those who...
  3. sva mfa and scad

    I have gone through the MFA Illustration at SVA and recently I have been talking to my friend who is thinking about attending the MFA at SVA. So I thought my advice to him might be appropriate...
  4. Illustrator, comic artist, painterly characters and concepts- my first post

    Hi all

    THis is my first post. I am looking to break into the concept design world. Here are some links to illustrations and some new concepty pieces. (they won't let me post pics here yet.

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