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    Art: HELP! - Freelancer trying to break through

    Hi all,

    My name is Matthew White, I am an aspiring game/film concept artist. I am from Quebec, Canada. I have been trying to freelance full-time for a little less than a year now. I was...
  2. Poll: I would definitely be interested in attending...

    I would definitely be interested in attending these classes. I would have to make a budget over the course of a couple of months to be able to afford it though. Hopefully, you will get some good...
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    Poll: Heavy metal goddess

    Here is my submission. The Heavy Metal Goddess who comes and saves us from the commercial infected music that has polluted our ears since MTV, HAHA.

    Hope you like, critiques are more than welcome...
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    Is this better?

    Is this better?
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    Environment art

    Since I do not have many environment pieces, I decided to throw myself into exploring composition and lighting in environments. I had an idea for this piece after watching 2012. I wanted to see a...
  6. Thanks!

    I think I speak on behalf of all of us artists who are having a difficult time paying these great artist, THANKS! I really appreciate this.
  7. Concept artist/Illustrator ready for work


    My name is Matthew White and I am a concept artist/illustrator now looking for work. I worked a lot on characters but I am looking to expand my artistic abilities in environment, props and...
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