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    Hey bud. Long time no speak. You probably dont even remember me now! :p

    Sorry man, I havent been on here in AGES. Almost 2 years now haha.

    Anyway hope all is well with you. I'm a graduate now and working part time and recently started a blog up again. To be honest with you I've still got the intuos 4 but I've been having so much fun with traditional media that I haven't branched into it properly yet. Find digital stuff quite awkward to get the hang of.

    I think my work has developed a bit, maybe not in leaps and bounds as your course might have trained you to. I guess the only sure fire way to improve is to keep drawing right? I've just been trying loads of different things out. Still love pencils and ink though.

    Anyway man, hope you're all well. Sorry that I didnt reply to your message for 2 years! I got busy in uni and never thought to log back on until now.

    All the best,

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    HAPPY MARRY MEGA AWESOME RAD HOLiDAY TO YOU AN YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    No probs Rich. Glad if it helps at all. Also glad you had a good time at the local music fest. Got to the local Wychwood festival a couple of years ago, but keep missing the darned thing recently because of family gubbins getting in the way. There's a few smaller local ones that look better sheduled for me and 'mrs me' though.
    Keep at it and make sure to enjoy the journey.
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    Style!? Just keep drawing and painting however you are doing it, and gradually you'll find things that work for you and things that don't - These will most likely direct the way your own personal style develops. Or something like that anyhow. It's difficut not to worry about it I know, but just put the work in and it will creep up on you without you noticing.
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    Payment for work is driven by market forces like everything else. The same piece of work might receive different fees dependent on whether it's going in a magazine, a book or is to be used for advertising or concept work.
    I work in publishing and there are various different cnotractual set ups even within that. For instance - Usually it's a flat fee, but sometimes you can take a lower fee up front, and a royalty , based on sales after covering production costs (bit of a gamble and often not offered anyway)
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    Unfortunately (?) that brings you back to studying the basics of anatomy-figure drawing-perspective etc. As said before, just don't epect it all to stick in one go . There's a lot to absorb and realistic, bite-size segments is what has worked (if anything has) for me.

    The last animal antomy chunk was 'Getting Started' which covered a nmber of bits and pieces like foreshortening, proportions and comparative skeletons. Good basic groundwork again. It is possible to get back copies, if you are interested.
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    Hi Rich.
    I can't tell you how many forsets I must have torn down iwht my discarded reject sketches as I tried to get a handle on things. Well the body doesn't have handles (apart from 'love handles'?), so maybe that's where I was going wrong.
    Manga tends to use informed short hand to describe things, in my experience - 'informed' is the important word in that if you want it to compete with the best in the genre. That means understanding how things 'really are' or how you can show them so it looks real.
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    Talking style - It just kind of happened, based on the influences I was most taken by I guess. I loved Norman Rockwell, Edmund Dulac, Frank Frazetta, Caravaggio (and even more his follower Geogres Delatour). All sorts really, but all realistic in its own way. Whoever you initally try to be like, you'll find yourself diverging quite naturally. Ain't it great.
    But my style definitely influences where my stuff is saleable. It's what has deposited me in children's publishing - which suits me just fine - apart from the tendency to low fees - hrrrrrummmmph!
    It must have been where I was going subconscioulsy with it anyhow in terms of topic.
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    Hi Richie,
    Following your advice so here I am.
    Talking 'skeleton' again- I can't claim to be any sort of expert on it. I can't name all the bones, but have a reasonable grasp of where they go and what they look like.
    I focused on where the bones come near the surface of the skin and impact on the external look - and how the curve of the spine usually dominates the rhythm of a pose.
    Obviously areas like the skull and hands fit this criterium, but also wrists, elbows, ankles, knees rib-cage and one I used to have major difficulties with, the shoulder girdle. I find it useful to plot these as reference markers when working out a pose.

    There's a really good section in August2009 issue of Imaginefx (in the shops now) on drawing animals, based on their skeletons - and it breaks them down into basic shapes to make it manageable. I'd definitely take a look if you haven't already. It may well be all the sort of stuff you've looked at before, but it's spot on and still works.
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    lol 'd ive been pritty broke but id still like to try it i got so extra work so i should be able to buy some an so more acyrilics woo who!
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