The Classics: Resources in Story:

  1. WinterTime
    Film: Matrix, Dune.
    Studios: Pixar, Lucas, ILM, Disney, & Links.), & Links.)

    Story, by Robert Mckee.
    Dream Worlds, by Hans Bacher.
    The Disney Story Archive, by John Lasseter
    From Word to Image, Marcie Begleiter.
    Reinventing Comics by Scott McCloud.
    Master Shots, Christopher Kenworthy-

    Ghost in the Shell, Masmune Shirow.
    World of Warcraft, Illustrated Comics.
    Udon Comics, and Illustrated Art.

    The Hero's Journey in a Summary of Steps:

  2. jolly roger kafka
    jolly roger kafka
    Thanks for these resources! I've just spent an hour at only three of the websites, and i think i've had 2 epiphanies, an inspiration, and a couple of those "Ah! So that's how i could do that!" eureka moments.
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