what's your best manga & who's you favour manga artist ?

  1. Chison
    here's some of my best
    i love One piece and every chapter amaze me every time
    strawberry panic character is just beautful i just wish i can draw the same.W.
    and ARIA give a great healing effect
    and more/.....
  2. ObsidianPyro
    I first fell in love with CLAMP, since Magic Knight Rayearth was the first actual manga I ever read. ^^ Their style is just so beautiful! I also adore the lovely stye of Yuu Watase (of Fushigi Yuugi). Rumiko Takahashi is another favorite; her style is simple but unique, and her stories are pure awesome.

    I also really enjoy Yu Yu Hakusho (can't remember the manga-ka) - along with the art, I love his sense of humor! XD I line One Piece, too, it's hillarious. But I haven't kept up with it much recently. ^^; My absolute favorite story, recently, is Death Note, which also has some pretty cool art.

    The manga style that has impressed me the most so far, however, is Akimine Kamijyo's (specifically, Samurai Deeper Kyo). SDK is possibly the most amazing samurai manga OF ALL TIME. I mean, Kenshin is awesome, but Kyo beats him hands down. And the art! The art is juts incredible.
  3. Denki
    my first love when it come's to anime is AKIRA and Armatage. I know they both are old anime's but most of the old stuff uses all these tech. that you can't emulate or is very hard to emulate with a computer. The pure imagination is what grab's me when it come's to manga/anime....
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