1. L-DLS
    Hi everyone, I am from Mauritius, but plan on moving to Australia and reside in Sidney. I am still learning the art and used to work in the Architectural Visualisation field. I have specialized in 3d animation , modeling , texturing , and a little bit of rigging. I now plan on changing field , and get my sketches started.

    I will glad to be part of this group so as to share my work and acquire knowledge.

    Thanks guys.



    Work in progress

  2. seagulls
    Hey l-dls your work looks great mate. We may be able to help each other out
    If you can get a sketchbook up.

    I suppose I should introduce myself as well.
    I live in sydney in the northern beaches area, Just started drawing again at the start of the year, know a bit of 3d modelling, rendering. I guess most of my experience is in the industrial design and technical drawing area.

    If a meetup was possible it would be best for me at either the mosman area on the weekend or late on a weekday. Anything south of the bridge is probably too time consuming for me.
  3. Rson
    Hi everyone, my name is Richard Son i also go by the name of Richard Chen age 18 and thought i should start posting some of my works, currently in high school. and hope u enjoy my works
  4. qlotzan
    hoa ya guys I'm Qlotzan , 24 years old, from australia-Sydney-NSW.

    I'm glad to join this group to share the knowledge of concepts art and share this with group members.
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