SSG Rules

  1. kitfox
    Hello people!

    Since we're expanding our group size again, I'd to add some simple rules for everyone to follow. I don't want them to feel or be too strict. These would be mainly to promote activity and avoid getting 'dead members'.

    I suggest we have a sketchbook update minimum of once a week. And to make sure some feedback goes around, at least one comment a week to someone else could be a minimum. The more the better obviously. But if someone can't do this much, they're not really trying. So, if someone can't keep up with the minimum, they could be removed from the SSG to make room for someone who's more active.

    Of course there are times when people are unable to get online or have vacations etc. We could keep a thread here, where you post if you're unavailable for longer periods of time so you keep your spot in the group.

    Naturally, general etiquette and respectful behaviour applies.

    Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.
  2. kitfox
    Could everyone post their opinion on the suggested minimum attendance rules? Not going to implement anything until I hear some thoughts on them. Simple yay or nay will do.

    And on a side note, I suggest that everyone Subscribes to the group (from the group tools) to keep up with the updates here.
  3. OHI
    Sounds good to me!
  4. Miss.BonBon
    I think the rules you've mentioned are okay, once a week update is just fine and at most every two week
  5. kitfox
    The rules are now officially set in effect. Let's keep up with the recent amount of comments and updates!

    Feel free to post discussions here if there's something you want to share or announce. If you encounter any problems with the group forum functions, let me know.
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