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Where do I go on the forum if Im looking to become better as an artist?

We have two forums specificly for helping artists to learn and advance their talents.

The first forum is the Helpful Critiques section. In this section you can post your work and artists will right off the bat know you are looking for assistance.

The second forum is the CA Academy. This section is for mid-level artists who are looking to advance further and faster than they can on their own.

Helpful Resources don't forget to check out the main page. It will give insight on events, artists and other related info.
The scratchpost: a great site for artists who want to "keep a finger on the pulse of the job market" .
Artcyclopediat: Clueless to what something means? or who someone is? Check this site out for possible answers
Gamesutra: Get game smart! Keep on top of events and information of the gaming industry. Need some anatomy help? Check out this great collection of references.

I need size conversions

centimeters = inches x 0.3937
cubic feet cubic meters x 0.0283
cubic meters cubic feet x 35.3145
cubic meters cubic yards x 1.3079
cubic yards cubic meters x 0.7646
feet meters x 0.3048
inches millimeters x 25.4000
inches centimeters x 2.5400
kilograms x pounds avdp. 2.2046

Our personal favorite trick is using a program like Painter to convert for us. If you have to do a piece that is 1-3/4" wide by 1-5/8" tall and you want to know the CM.
Just open a new canvas up, enter the size as inches, 1.75 by 1.625, then simply change the inches setting to cm.

If you do not know how to turn 1-3/4" into 1.75. What you do is type 3/4 into google as your search term. The google calculator will do the rest.

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