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How do I post images?

You'll need to get an external host that allows you to show images on different servers (generally referred to as "hot-linking"). You cannot post images directly from your hard drive, or attach them to our forum.

2 good options are: Photobucket or Geocities

Note: To use geocities you'll need to save your images from .jpg to .txt then post.

Once you have your host you will use the IMG tags inside the post to show where the image should be displayed.

Example: [img]Http://[/img]

If you need help with vB Code, please read the vB code list

Please see jetpack42's comprehensive guide How to post a picture on the forum for detailed information.

What are the rules?

Please be respectful and courteous to each and every member of the forum. Arguing is fine if done without slandering each other personally.

Please do not over post. If you have a large collection of images to post please post them all in one thread. If you posted something and remembered you wanted to add something more, please edit the post instead of adding a completely new reply under the first.

Please be mature with your language; not every one views swearing as you might, so keep it to a minimum.

This forum does not tolerate inquiring about and/or advocating the use of pirated software. Anyone doing so will be banned.

Who runs this place?

Jason Manely - Founder, Admin
Andrew Jones - Founder, Admin
El Coro - Founder, Admin
Davi - Core, Admin
Pontemonti - Core, Admin
Oblio - Core, Admin

Joshuathejames - Sub-Admin
Form - Sub-Admin
Sparth - Resident Professional
Bengal - Resident Professional
Insane Visions - Resident Professional
Marko Djurdjevic - Resident Professional

Grooveholmes - Moderator
Lyon - Moderator
feeb - Moderator
Donkeyslayer - Moderator
Kchen - Moderator
Fredflickstone - Moderator
Poopinmymouth - Moderator
Mcotie - Moderator
Fozzybar - Moderator
Keyth - Moderator
Retep - Moderator
Ritual - Moderator
Signature - Moderator Molly - Moderator Sciboy - Moderator Chaosrocks - Moderator

Why don't people comment on my threads/art?

There is a vast amount of members on Sometimes work is overlooked just by the fact that there is an overload of posts at the time.

Some of the best ways to get critiques of your own work is by critiquing other's. This way you establish a reputation, and your name will be easier to recongizing when you post a new thread.

If you are a bit of a beginner, some artists might just not want to repeat their critiques that have been given to others for years on the forum. Sadly, most artists perfer to give the elite their attention.

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