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Here are some more pieces I would like to show. Thanks.

Name:  dragon-attack.jpg
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Name:  Napoleon_crossing_the_Alps6.jpg
Views: 1514
Size:  308.7 KB

Name:  landschaft_mit_flu-large.jpg
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Size:  234.9 KB

Name:  Tadema_Lady_Laura_Girl_on_Stairs_10x7in-large.jpg
Views: 1489
Size:  396.2 KB

Name:  colonel_francis_james_scott-large.jpg
Views: 1454
Size:  155.9 KB

Name:  a_noble_relic_of_a_noble_race-_wharekauri_tahuna-large.jpg
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Size:  172.9 KB

Name:  expulsion_from_the_garden_of_eden-large.jpg
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