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It's only taken almost 11 years...

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by , December 15th, 2016 at 05:55 PM (8656 Views)
Well I am rather ashamed that it's taken nearly 11 years for me to actually do anything here.

And the main reason for that is...

Burnout and an intense fear of failure on top of the sharp edges of Life on many fronts.

I've made the conscious decision to not only work on my digital art skills, but put my money where my desire is. So I signed up for Level Up months ago and am now settled enough to want to work at it.

I will finally get to use my old Wacom Intuos 3 tablet collecting dust and hopefully develop skills that will be worthy of me buying a new one.

Bread and butter these days is Freelance Journalism, mainly with Indian Country Media Network:

I've also been focusing on Creative Writing the past couple of years, mainly Speculative Fiction, and have gotten great feedback. Again the mountains to climb are doubting myself and self-sabotage.

2016 was the Jump Off.

2017 is about to be LIT!!

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  1. SirPent's Avatar
    Nice, and goodluck
  2. AdamLaston1's Avatar
    Good luck
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