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...So I come back

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by , August 14th, 2014 at 01:26 PM (5113 Views)
So many things have happened since I was here last time. I applied to one little local animation school (or local little? my English seems not to be improved, I am terribly sorry). It was a reckless step cause 1 - I cannot draw, 2 - it demands a lot of time, no - it demands all your free time, 3 - I am really too old for animation - especially for traditional one, so I have no future in it. So I feel like artistic kamikaze heheheh heheheheheh. The first week was like: "mimimi, let it go, let it go!". The second one was less... happy. And now I am going to go on improve my zero drawing skill here.
It seems I have to draw a userpic...
[COLOR=#ffffff]And I HATE geopolitics. Why can't people just live without all these conflicts??? 'It's rhetorical, Gunter'... I dream that aliens will come and take all weapons away. [/COLOR]

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