Conversation Between B-Man and sve
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Conversation Between B-Man and sve

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  1. I'm not that crazy. Im just a guy with all the facts. Me as a god, I do like the sound of that though.
  2. Genius? That's trivial. You need to think bigger... God himself on his vacation on Earth.
    2. alien,
    And 3. you don't need to kidnap a king of your country to get some fast cash. You're the King of your country, they have an imposter on the throne right now. It was some mess with your birth. You have high range enemies (to feed your paranoia a little ), but current king/silly imposter is on your side.. You just need to show up.
  3. Some ppl may call it psychotic but I preffer the term Genius.
  4. And I love to fondle your ego. We're pair of boots matched in heaven.
    I'm gonna put your Tweeter link into my signature. That's a roof moving gathering of psycho stuff in one unique individual. S&M, paranoia, Napoleon complex, narcissistic tendencies, some mild perversion ... simply delicious... great literature.
    I felt strongly motivated to worship your Pills.
  5. Well you know, I love to fondle my ego. ;P Aint no special agent without the fuzzy chest is there.
  6. heh, someone wants to hear a compliment...Your type will get only better with age, I almost had a fit when I saw you getting out of shower with wet towel on your shoulders. hahah. ok... that should create some stir in the air masses otherwise a bit too static . We are team, Secret Agent FurryChest, aren't we.a
  7. I should update my profile picture. I guess the years finaly cought up with me. I look much older these days. Its always sad looking at old pictures. But snow in scandinavia would mean me leaving south. Always lovely hearing from you!
  8. Poor you, those ninjas and women and governments. I demand new photos of your male beauty.
    Ah, whom am I fooling. I lost all your sympathy I'm sure. I probably can't demand Scandinavian snow now.
  9. Well Its kinda hard nowadays when Im a special agent. All the woman Im soposed to take to bed, the ninja that comes at night and even, sometimes, the save the world rutine messes with my sleep.
  10. Hello. Do you still sleep like a prince? Or sometimes right where night caught up with you? As special agent's duty demands ?
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