Conversation Between manlybrian and Akhorus
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Conversation Between manlybrian and Akhorus

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  1. hahaha good point! You're right, of course. I shall!
  2. Concerning feedback: Post updates. You have a lot of threads with a sketch in them and that's as far as they go. Some of the threads had critiques and no additional updates. You should start finishing some drawings before moving on to new ones. Also, if a thread isn't getting any critiques, it's probably because there isn't enough in the current sketch to critique, which means you should work on it a bit more and post an updated version, which might be easier for people to crit.

    In Summary: Stop posting so many sketches and start finishing the work you've started.
  3. Spartan Camp is super laid back. Just draw as many gestures as you can (50 is the goal but the point is that you're practicing.) What gestures you draw doesn't matter, it can be animal, human, body part, whatever you like. There's a suggested theme each week that you can choose to do or not. Typically a new thread starts every Monday and ends every Sunday. Just draw some gestures and post them when you're done!
  4. I'm having a hell of a time getting feedback. I tried commenting on a whole ton of other peoples work, but no luck. any suggestions?
  5. hey man, I'm new as fawk to this do I "join" the spartan camp? It looks like it would be super helpful...
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