Conversation Between Darkscale and Draimco
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Conversation Between Darkscale and Draimco

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  1. Sure thing! Anytime.
  2. OK, I will have to see. Thanks.
  3. there are none really like that, unfortunately. A lot of people like to color in base colors with the oil pastels brushes, try those out, and then you can move into blenders from there, to smooth it out.
  4. Ah, thanks! I'm not too good with Painter, at the moment. I can't find a good brush I like to use. I'm trying to find one like the circle brush in PS and see if I can change it to be like it in Painter.
  5. Thanks for stopping by my sketchbook again! I actually used the opacity brush in photoshop elements for that one. Now you can get a brush with a similar look in painter (with a little texture) By taking the grainy water brush in blenders, and change a few options in the brush creator (mine has the resaturation turned up a little under "well") and you can change the subcategory under general to anything that tickles your fancy. Hope I helped!
  6. Hey!

    I have a question, you use Painter, right? If so, what brush did you use in your latest dragon?
  7. Indeed.
  8. You usually go on the other person's page and post. I wouldn't be able to figure it out either if I haven't been on other sites like it.

    You're welcome! And it is, especially on a site full of a wide array of people.
  9. Not sure if the other box replies or not, so I'll just put it here. I can't figure out this website for the life of me x3
    Thanks for the comment! It is pretty cool to be around the same area.
  10. Hey! I just stopped by since I saw you were from Ohio as well. This is a first to find someone from around me.
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