Conversation Between aadi and GoGoJojo
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Conversation Between aadi and GoGoJojo

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  1. Hi, I'm fine! sorry I haven't answered in so long, I was on a family trip! How are you?
  2. hiiiiiiiiiii how are you dear
  3. my name is zakir khan and i am fine i hope you also i am indian , and my school arena animation and sory for abut that i am giving you my contact no. to discuss about my carrier after all you are my seniour i hope you call me 91-9891702002 and i am finding a job and i dont have any reference
  4. I'm going to school at Portland State University, but I do get commissions now and then! What about you? What is the name of your school?
  5. hey dont sory, are you doing job or study
  6. Oh, I'm sorry! I don't have a blog , I actually just started putting my stuff on the internet a few months ago. All my work from the past 6 months are in my welding thread and sketchbook thread, though! I'll probably be updating the welding one tomorrow.
  7. Hiiiiii, can i see your work please tell me your blog
  8. Thanks reply , yes i will do more focusing on 3d but know more jobs in delhi but i want to something different i have a capability and your are my seniour i will learn from you
  9. Hello! had a look at your sites and portfolio. I'll try to help to the best of my abilities! Are you planning on focusing more on 2D, 3D, or both?
  10. hi........ can you see my work and i need your critics after all you are my senior pl reply ,
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