Conversation Between aadi and GoGoJojo
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Conversation Between aadi and GoGoJojo

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  1. if you dont mind can i have your no. to tell you something about my studio witch is gone be start before june an i am sure you have a knowledge about
  2. indian mythology and i have done one more trailer it,s running
  3. That's great! what kind of movie?
  4. I am good ! i am working on indian movie! I am so happy............. and you now a days what,s going on ?
  5. I am fine, how are you?
  6. hello sweet heart.....enjoying your holidays what,s going on.....
  7. hiiiiiiiiiiiiii gogo what going on where is your new work i want to see now tell how is going your clases
  8. hey , gogo i am good what about you can you call me 9891702002 i am stuck in project so i need your help
  9. hi , i am so sory for late reply i was doing some freelancer work
    so how are you and now how is going your school did you made any character or other think show me
  10. sory for late reply i am fine , hey i want to learn from you so can i join you as a student i want to work in you r county this job will be unpaid for me
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