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Conversation Between Xeon_OND and Bob Greaves

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  1. Thanks for your input. I note that the Sheldon stuff can only be sent in hard copy (and very expensive too - I'm in the UK btw); whereas the Vilppu stuff can be sent electronically.
  2. Hi!

    I would suggest not getting Sheldon's DVDs as they're not worth it. I bought 20 of his videos some time ago, but the stuff he teaches is minimal and most of it throughout the video contains small talk and jokes, chatter etc. For his anatomy videos, he just draws the particular muscle once or twice and moves on to the next muscle, and the explanation is rather vague.

    If you want to buy, buy his Head drawing videos, since they're the better ones.
    His IT book and Advanced IT book is pretty good as well, but forget the Boot Camp book.
    Forget the tracing thing; it doesn't work.

    For Vilppu, his videos are better and more detailed, but you would need to be very patient and re-watch them again dozens of times as the stuff can get very overwhelming at times due to too much advanced anatomy going on, at least for me.
    His Gesture vids and the first few ones are good.

    I personally think the new Gottfried Bammes book would help a beginner more.
  3. hi
    Sorry to trouble you but I have just stumbled onto this forum while googling for Vilppu.
    I have seen some of Vilppu's stuff and it looks impressive, but the stuff on Sheldon's site seems to be very specific about how to approach the tasks (e.g. tracing, which I would never have thought of).
    Can you give a quick +/- of each since you seem to have bought both? - I was especially taken by the sample of Sheldon's books. The stuff is not cheap and of course I can end up spending a fortune.
    Thanks for your help.
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