Conversation Between Waipunga and Klaw
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Conversation Between Waipunga and Klaw

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  1. I am now back in the world! I will stop by here or on FB and drop you a line! Seen Your FB page and looks like you've not only been busy, but also wildly successful: good for you!
  2. Hey Dude!

    Thanks for the plug re Spiker! You are a good bastard............ :-)

    Cheers S
  3. Hey Mate!
    Yeah that's the serious bummer about leave............ the bastard of heading back to work! Some cool stuff going through the shop of horrors. Will email you some pics this week.
    Big rain storm is coming down the coast so we expect a shit load in about 36 hrs. Will be interesting............
    Great to hear that you had a good break Dude and keen to see your new work even if it was done on the plane LOL!
    Take care

    Cheers S
  4. Just got back a few days ago! It's hotter then ever, but Leave was great. I will catch up with you in a few days. Can't wait to see what you've been up to!
  5. Mate! Back at the coalface yet? All good over here, no real news just some nice blades going through.

    Cheers S
  6. Hey Mate, Just walked in from a couple of hours on the Besra. Reworked the piping on the starboard weapon so am much happier with it now. Got asked about designing a battle blade for army use today. Must give that little project some very serious thought. Also pulled down my own blade called Storm today and have finally figured a handle for him. Will set it up as a sketchbook. Want to do a dieselpunk handle, guard and sheath all in bronze, sliver, gold and niobium and probably a few gems as well. That will suck up a few hundred hours! Leave coming up............ cool shit Mate, you deserve it. Will post more pics of Besra in the morning.

    Take care. Cheers S
  7. All is well here: got about two or three days and I can go enjoy a little R&R. Can't wait to see those finals of the Besra! Later!
  8. Hey Dude, All good? Just finished the Besra so have to grab some decent pics of it. Talk soon. Cheers S
  9. Gidday Mate, All good? BTW, if you want, send me a mail at to establish comms and I shall drop a bunch of blade images on ya. Cheers, stay warm. S
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