Conversation Between Rusty and Adze
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Conversation Between Rusty and Adze

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  1. Kia ora,

    Thanks man. Sorry for not getting back earlier hardly ever log onto anymore. Nah, hardly do much maaori art these days busy with illustration plus don't have guidance like I did back then, was mostly a group effort. Yep, I did those quite a few years ago.

    Cheers mate

  2. kiaora, i saw your pics..moko mokai...sort of random surfing...anyway..they are very you do a lot of maori works like that?..did you do a painting of maui and the fish...and/or the ones with the suit and moko mokai too???? ones called more kai please??? the same???

    anyway, your mahi is mean as i ll find a pic of the more kai one.....

    to much

    naku noa na

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