Conversation Between asiJa and Tekanako
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Conversation Between asiJa and Tekanako

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  1. Hi Tekanako, I didn't know that Homeworld is a computer game (until i googled it now). I'am just courious about sci-fi concept art. I like hard sci-fi a lot. I often dream about life and warfare in near future during colonization of solar system. It's usually quite technical "dreaming" supported by some computations to estimate what is possible and what is not. But when I paint or sketch some concept-art it's usually fantasy not sci-fi. The problem with sci-fi is that you can't visualize thinks realistically, because there are extremes beyond houman imagination (too hi temperatures and energies, too rapid velocities, too vast space, too big objects). Thats why I'm in this Group - to discuss how to impressively visualize concepts in serious hard science fiction. And to discuss serious hard sci-fi generally.
  2. Welcome to the Homeworld social group AsiJa, hope you have tons of fun. What do you like about Homeworld by the way?
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