Conversation Between Rotor and Mat Kaminski
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Conversation Between Rotor and Mat Kaminski

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  1. I'm good thanks!
    I've been busy with army life but I've tried to study at the same time.
    Good luck with finding that job, it can be a hard industry to break into.
    Doing a challenge one day sounds really cool, give me a shout if you have any ideas. Only thing slowing me down is the fact I don't have as much free time as I'd like.

    It's good to hear from ya!
  2. Doing well, just been pounding out my new version of (due out very soon)

    And continuing to try to find an art job lol!

    Washing dishes and cooking food is cool and all buttt...... it can only take someone so far, y'know? :3

    How've you been, I haven't been checking around here as often as I should... Maybe we should jump in on some challenges or something together :3

    AIM: fedoraparanoia
    or if you ever need me for anything
  3. Dude! How've you been man? Haven't heard from you in a while, great updates. Keep on rocking!
  4. DOO EET!

    I'll update my sketchbook, if you'll update yours ;p
  5. I've only been crazy bein' lazy lately. I've done a few studies, got some Bridgman books etc. I just need to kick my self on the rear and get cracking at it.
  6. Everything's doing well actually... I've been checking into CA quite a bit still, I've just been lax to post. Don't worry though, that epic day is coming up when I upload like 200 images hahaha

    How've you been though? Hope you're still drawing like crazy... ^_~
  7. Hey man where are you? I've been waiting for updates in your SB.
    I hope everythings okay.
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