Conversation Between Cryptcrawler and Saytan VV
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Conversation Between Cryptcrawler and Saytan VV

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  1. Hey man if you haven't voted yet I'd appreciate it if you could vote for me in the CA Community Choice Scholarship thread. I'd really like to go to college finally. (Like you don't know how that is ) Thanks!

    Also for some reason I cant find the smudge tool on my version of photoshop (7.0) I know that sounds retarded but after seeing ur vid i'd like to. Do you know where its hidden in that version? Jesus...I already got accepted but if I can pay for TAD and actually start this year im gonna need someone to walk me through that program with the wacom. Or is there a "Dummies" book? How did you learn? I know I know lots of questions I'll leave you be now. Take care, man.
  2. Muhahahaha! I knew you would teach eventually! Someone with a talent like yours, it would be a shame to lock all those secrets away forever. Anyway, I'm gonna take a few James Kei classes to get me started. (I still havnt mastered using the wacom so hopefully those will help) But THEN I will watch yours which I already purchased...THEN...THEN I will be awesome! Heehee

    Seriously tho man, thanks for doing this it will help a lot of people.
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