Conversation Between Jovian M and Noa K
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Conversation Between Jovian M and Noa K

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  1. It's a water color of a branch, with green/orange gradient in the background. I'm trying to get mine sent out right away. You and Linguini will definitely be getting yours first, for sure.
  2. Hi Jovian!

    unfortunately for me, only now i have seen the messege you posted on my user page way back in august..
    so, my sincere apologies for not replying... it wasn't intentionally...
    it's been so long since i sent my postcards, i'm wondering which one i sent you.. would you mind telling me? or better yet, reply to the art exchange thread? it's been dead for long
    have you sent out your postcards in the end?

    again, sorry for not replying.. hope to hear from you
  3. I got your postcard in the mail a few days ago. I love it!

    I should have all of mine out by the end of the month (I wanna' send em all out at once, and I keep noodling around on which ones I like and don't, y'know)?

    Sorry if I'm taking too long. D=
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