Level Up - Color & Light Presentation 1: Light and Value for Artists (10 topic video)
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  • Color & Light Presentation 1: Light and Value for Artists (10 topic video)

    START! and continue your journey here. This second presentation covers in depth light and value theory and root principles of light and shadow. Also included is the first assignment Color and Light 1.1.

    1. watch the video presentation above.
    2. begin your assignment. Color and Light 1.1
    3. upload your assignment to a thread in the assignment forum for this workshop.
    4. Level Up!

    “It START's with YOU” is your assignment.

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    1. Your assignment is to create a self portrait in black and white. You will be working from life and give it at least 3 hours (or as many as you can spend, but it will take a good 3 hours to observe all properties of light). You will use all the discussed properties of light, and choose which key you work in (low key, middle key, or high key).
    2. Set up your area to work. Use a mirror. Place it so it is comfortable to look and see your screen/drawing surface and the mirror at the same.
    3. When you set up your light, use only one main light source (spotlight or clamp light is preferred). Block out the window light or turn off secondary light sources so you have one key light only. Put the light in a way that you get very clear definition of mass light and mass shadow shapes. See Rembrandt and Velasquez portraits.
    4. Create a thread with the title structure as shown below and upload your works to the forums.

    "Your Username - Color and Light 1.1"

    5. List one observation about each property and light and shadow, which you gained from doing the assignment, in the post you make.
    example: 1. I learned that the mass light is directly related to the direction of the planes of my face, and only hits the planes which face the direction of the light source.
    6. Upload your work directly to the thread you make so they can be easily viewed. Do not post links. Submit your thread.


    -Focus on capturing and recreating the largest shapes of value first, so that you are working from broad strokes.
    -Do not waste time in the details when you are getting started. Purposely avoid rendering the "fingernails and eyelashes" or insignificant details which distract you from paying attention to the design principles.
    -Create a few sketches or thumbnails to work out the composition before you do the actual image.
    -Match the values and shapes, and edges of the shapes, as accurately as you can within the time allowed.
    -Think through the list of principles light as you work.
    -You may use any media you wish. Regardless of what you choose, remember to try to match your values and shapes the best you can in the time allowed.
    -Choose some music that matches the mood of the piece you wish to create.

    Example artists to look for: Rembrandt, Velasquez, Van Dyck, Gerome,Van Gogh, Zorn, Degas, Cassatt, Repin, Mucha...there are many.


    Purpose: By creating a self portrait we are able to work with a simple light source and study something we are familiar with at the same time...ourselves. By studying light and shadow we can better create from imagination and improve our process working from life. You have to fill up your creative gas tank with information from nature, and there is no better place to start.

    Looking forward to seeing what you create!

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