• Composition Presentation 1: Design Theory for Artists (eight part video)

    START! your journey here. This first presentation covers in depth design theory and root principles of composition. Also included is the first assignment Composition 1.1.

    1. Watch the video presentation above.
    2. Begin your assignment, Composition 1.1 here: http://www.conceptart.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=271
    3. Upload your assignment to a thread in the assignment forum, as shown in the link above.
    4. Level Up!


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  • StartUp! Assignments

    Drive By Uppercut

    Level Up Subscription Issues

    Thread Starter: Drive By Uppercut

    Please post any issues you may have with the Level Up Subscription. So far they have shown great customer service as well as going above and beyond that. It is without a doubt that this community will continue to thrive for a long time, This thread can be used to post issues regarding the...

    Last Post By: David Ahmad 1 Week Ago Go to last post

    ltr2000-composition 1.1

    Thread Starter: ltr2000

    Hello, my name is Luis and this is my first composition for the LevelUp! Composition 1.1 I really like the contrast between parts more detailed as rocks and the rest of the image. it has great unity in the shapes and texture repetition. I had seen that is more important to see more the...

    Last Post By: ltr2000 3 Weeks Ago Go to last post

    TheSwan - Composition 1.1

    Thread Starter: TheSwan

    Hey guys, want to give a quick introduction here before I post - I work as a VFX artist full time but always had a passion for drawing, and designing characters, video game levels, and illustration. When I went to school initially I didn't have the confidence to attempt traditional drawing and...

    Last Post By: TheSwan 3 Weeks Ago Go to last post

    Lenia - Composition 1.1

    Thread Starter: Lenia

    Hi, I'm new here :D. My background is in traditional pencils so digital painting is an exciting challenge for me. I appreciate any feedback you can give me. 1. This is my first try at one of Manet's portraits. I love the economy of his brushwork (there's next to no detail on the black...

    Last Post By: Lenia 4 Weeks Ago Go to last post
    Shawn Kawa

    Shawn Kawa - Composition 1.1

    Thread Starter: Shawn Kawa

    Hello my name is Shawn Kawa This is a re-post with the right title name I work as a artist in game doing mostly FX and some concept. Also I do traditional fine art on the side and want to pursue further in concept art and therefore want to work on my digital drawing painting skills . 1)...

    Last Post By: Black Spot April 4th, 2015 Go to last post

    NicoleWG - Composition 1.1

    Thread Starter: NicoleWG

    Rembrant has all the light focused on Jeremiah and Jerusalem burning in the bottom left corner. Because of the highlighting coming in from the left side the edges are very sharp on the objects and the background is very soft and only sets up the space and frames the bottom. I wanted to keep it in...

    Last Post By: NicoleWG April 15th, 2015 Go to last post

    Finalhart - Composition 1.1

    Thread Starter: Finalhart

    1. In this peace i found economy on the background, also the dragons aren't as detailed as the character so she has more emphasis, there is a lot of variety on the textures and highlights in the image, i see some continuity on the direction the dragon follows, the sword and the dragon behind as if...

    Last Post By: stonec March 31st, 2015 Go to last post

    FoxandMoon - Composition 1.1

    Thread Starter: Foxandmoon

    Hi everyone, I don't know if I belong here but I really want to get better. I would appreciate the help. I hope I read the rules properly. A) I chose Edward Hopper El Bistro for my first try at this. This composition was interesting to me because of how he utilized the brights in the image...

    Last Post By: Black Spot March 14th, 2015 Go to last post
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