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    Jason Manley

    Assignment: Composition 1.1 - "Enter the Masters"

    Thread Starter: Jason Manley

    START! your journey here. This first presentation covers in depth design theory and root principles of composition. Also included is the first assignment Composition 1.1. <iframe src="//player.vimeo.com/video/85299600" width="1000" height="750" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen...

    Last Post By: Black Spot December 14th, 2014 Go to last post

    RIST - Composition 1.1

    Thread Starter: Rist

    Hello all.. Great to be doing this! Fantastic opportunity for improvement :D It was a very challenging beginning for me. I hope these were alright for my first studies. They were completed in Photoshop. For future studies it will be by pencil or paint as my WACOM just died :( Artist:...

    Last Post By: Rist October 25th, 2014 Go to last post

    Demonjack123 - Composition 1.1

    Thread Starter: Demonjack123

    This took me maybe a bit more than an hour (maybe close to 2? I kept getting caught up in the details even though we weren't supposed to worry about that) spaced over 3 days (first day cramps, second day pinched nerve in shoulder blade and forced myself through another pinched nerve today to finish...

    Last Post By: Demonjack123 1 Hour Ago Go to last post

    ZeCarnevilCat - Composition 1.1

    Thread Starter: ZeCarnevilCat

    Hi :) I'm giving a try at this assignment since I desperately need some practice and good advice to improve my skills. 1- "THE PEARL" - Bouguereau I choose this piece because I loved the dynamic silhouette of the girl eventhough she's just kneeling. I also love the opposition between...

    Last Post By: Jason Manley October 31st, 2014 Go to last post
    Drive By Uppercut

    Level Up Subscription Issues

    Thread Starter: Drive By Uppercut

    Please post any issues you may have with the Level Up Subscription. So far they have shown great customer service as well as going above and beyond that. It is without a doubt that this community will continue to thrive for a long time, This thread can be used to post issues regarding the...

    Last Post By: David Ahmad 1 Week Ago Go to last post

    Kahboom - Composition 1.1

    Thread Starter: Kahboom

    Okay, here we go! My selections for the studies. I've elected to spend the full hour with each. I'm excited, a little nervous. Let's do this.

    Last Post By: Jason Manley October 31st, 2014 Go to last post

    hanshotfirst - Composition 1.1

    Thread Starter: brusebe4st

    I selected this piece by Frederick Leighton, because the pose and the silhouette really stood out for me. I had a lot of fun painting this. And just look at how pretty my painting is!

    Last Post By: brusebe4st 2 Weeks Ago Go to last post

    Fincks - Composition 1.1

    Thread Starter: Fincks

    Hi ! Here is my first study : I don't really know what to say about this painting of Corot. I like the economy in the sky. It creates a contraste with all the little detail in the city and emphasize the focal point of the piece. The repetition of suggested detail with simple forms add a lot...

    Last Post By: Jason Manley November 15th, 2014 Go to last post

    HaematinonNigro - Composition 1.1

    Thread Starter: HaematinonNigro

    Study 1 - Portait of Ugolino Martelli by Bronzino Hello everyone! As you may suspect this is my first time here on conceptart-learn, i will try to do absolutely my best for these composition studies. Even if i am not a beginner i've struggled a lot, maybe because of the time (precisely 1...

    Last Post By: HaematinonNigro 2 Weeks Ago Go to last post
    magi shagi

    Magi Shagi - Composition 1.1

    Thread Starter: magi shagi

    Hello, guys! If anyone is interested: I'm Magi, I started drawing 3 years ago. I'm in art school now, but everything I know about art, I've learned from online tutorials and articles. Since I'm educating myself on the Internet, that leads to the HUGE confusion of 'what should I draw to get better,...

    Last Post By: magi shagi November 13th, 2014 Go to last post

    ashess - color & light 1.1

    Thread Starter: ashess

    I was just gonna start with a few fast thumbs, but got a little stuck on the first. a lot of messing with my cintiq too. screen too bright to work when using just one light, stuff like that. not more then an hour actual drawing. hope to do a few more tries tomorrow.

    Last Post By: RebeccaHartstein 3 Weeks Ago Go to last post

    thepimpartist - Composition 1.1

    Thread Starter: thepimpartist

    Hello, everybody :)! First of all I chose charcoal to render this. It's actually a bit over a year since I last worked digitally - because I started Art School and we work exclusively in traditional media. So I picked up my tablet last night and ... yeah, I suck with it :tihi: for now I'll...

    Last Post By: Jason Manley November 14th, 2014 Go to last post

    portrait study

    Thread Starter: arunkumar

    Hello everyone! This is my first post in Concept art.org .This is an amazing website . This is a portrait study .I struggled very much to get the likeness . are there any tips to get the likeness and proportions (can i use the grid method)?? i took more than an hour to do this art work . can i take...

    Last Post By: arunkumar 4 Weeks Ago Go to last post

    xArtKingx - Composition 1.1

    Thread Starter: xArtKingx

    1.' A Conversation 1981' - Barrington Watson I chose this because of the balance and rhythm in this one. The way Barrington brought focus in this was really intriguing, yet your eyes stay on all three woman simultaneously. This took me actually two hours since I haven't touched photoshop for...

    Last Post By: xArtKingx November 14th, 2014 Go to last post

    Composition 1.1 - vitrashark

    Thread Starter: vitrashark

    The shape-flow created by the two figures stacked onto one another create a figure 8 path for the eye to follow. This seems to effectively lead the eyes perpetually between the two points of emphasis (The face of the crow and the face of the head of the humanoid figure).

    Last Post By: Jason Manley November 14th, 2014 Go to last post

    TheSwan - Composition 1.1

    Thread Starter: TheSwan

    Hey guys, want to give a quick introduction here before I post - I work as a VFX artist full time but always had a passion for drawing, and designing characters, video game levels, and illustration. When I went to school initially I didn't have the confidence to attempt traditional drawing and...

    Last Post By: TheSwan 5 Days Ago Go to last post

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