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  1. Old Drawings

    Name:  Alien Bison copy(lores).jpg
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Size:  462.2 KBName:  Blue Head(lores).jpg
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  2. Fitocracy

    If anyone uses fitocracy too, my username is also cuddleycake. let's stalk each other's workouts

    the fact that "asslick" is a smiley truly makes me beam with delight
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  3. 100 Day "Human Anatomy and clothing" challenge is starting soon! (9/16)

    Official sign-up thread [URL=""]HERE![/URL]

    We are starting a new 100 days challenge, please join us! It is a great way to really push yourself to draw every day by adding a dash of competitiveness. If you miss a day, you're disqualified!
    If you feel like you could stand to improve on human anatomy or clothing, this will ...
  4. ...So I come back

    by , August 14th, 2014 at 01:26 PM (The Line of Action)
    So many things have happened since I was here last time. I applied to one little local animation school (or local little? my English seems not to be improved, I am terribly sorry). It was a reckless step cause 1 - I cannot draw, 2 - it demands a lot of time, no - it demands all your free time, 3 - I am really too old for animation - especially for traditional one, so I have no future in it. So I feel like artistic kamikaze heheheh heheheheheh. The first week was like: "mimimi, let it go, let ...
  5. SO MANY empty sketchbooks! How long do you think it will take to fill?

    I am the queen of making lofty goals and then letting them fall flat. I have become very aware of this recently and have been taking steps to establish better habits in my life that will lend to the fulfillment of my goals.

    For example, I have made a "10,000 hours goal" for drawing, because I desperately want to improve. I have been slowly working towards this, but at the rate I am going it will take me my entire LIFE. The fact I am actually going through with it is a testament ...
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