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  1. Portraits

    This time some portrait studies. Really tough doing small studies in acrylic, but its getting there!




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  2. Wacom death, Acrylics Live!

    Hello another update with three more paintings. This time they are in acrylic as my wacom tablet died!

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  3. Composition 1.1 Progress update 1

    Hello guys,

    I am part of level up and decided to post a blog to show friends and family who are not registered on this forum.

    I will add a few at a time other wise you will see a looong snake of images.

    With these 2 pictures I was really rusty. This was the first time I have done master studies in years and felt a little overwhelmed with the task. Looking at them now I see I rushed them a little and did not give them enough time.

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]1928723[/ATTACH] ...
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  4. abarazi - Composition 1.1



    Every time after I finish and wrap it up notice disproportion somewhere! In this image I noticed how I made the face wider than the original! :([/QUOTE]
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  5. Development into 2014

    ConceptArt is undergoing tremendous changes in the coming year, and if its' not yet the #1 place for concept art and art related, I think we'll be able to change your minds on that soon enough.

    We are currently working on very projects in our R&D labs and some of them will change the way you approach art. Our main focus is to always improve on LevelUp, a premium workshop available at anytime, anywhere.

    I can't discuss much of the strategy and technologies that ...

    Updated February 13th, 2014 at 04:34 PM by David A

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