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  1. It's only taken almost 11 years...

    Well I am rather ashamed that it's taken nearly 11 years for me to actually do anything here.

    And the main reason for that is...

    Burnout and an intense fear of failure on top of the sharp edges of Life on many fronts.

    I've made the conscious decision to not only work on my digital art skills, but put my money where my desire is. So I signed up for Level Up months ago and am now settled enough to want to work at it.

  2. Old Drawings

    Name:  Alien Bison copy(lores).jpg
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  3. Fitocracy

    If anyone uses fitocracy too, my username is also cuddleycake. let's stalk each other's workouts

    the fact that "asslick" is a smiley truly makes me beam with delight
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  4. 100 Day "Human Anatomy and clothing" challenge is starting soon! (9/16)

    Official sign-up thread [URL=""]HERE![/URL]

    We are starting a new 100 days challenge, please join us! It is a great way to really push yourself to draw every day by adding a dash of competitiveness. If you miss a day, you're disqualified!
    If you feel like you could stand to improve on human anatomy or clothing, this will ...
  5. ...So I come back

    by , August 14th, 2014 at 01:26 PM (The Line of Action)
    So many things have happened since I was here last time. I applied to one little local animation school (or local little? my English seems not to be improved, I am terribly sorry). It was a reckless step cause 1 - I cannot draw, 2 - it demands a lot of time, no - it demands all your free time, 3 - I am really too old for animation - especially for traditional one, so I have no future in it. So I feel like artistic kamikaze heheheh heheheheheh. The first week was like: "mimimi, let it go, let ...
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