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David A

  1. Development into 2014

    ConceptArt is undergoing tremendous changes in the coming year, and if its' not yet the #1 place for concept art and art related, I think we'll be able to change your minds on that soon enough.

    We are currently working on very projects in our R&D labs and some of them will change the way you approach art. Our main focus is to always improve on LevelUp, a premium workshop available at anytime, anywhere.

    I can't discuss much of the strategy and technologies that ...

    Updated February 13th, 2014 at 04:34 PM by David A

  2. LevelUp isn't just a workshop, its' a journey.

    ConceptArt Blogs are here for LevelUp Members! LevelUp is our all-in-one workshop for artists looking to improve their artwork.

    Blogs give the artists a way to express their new talents, in addition give more light and attention to their art, studies, thoughts, ideas, and anything in between. We believe that art is a life-long journey. With blogs we can follow these artists taking the serious route to improvement.

    Anyone can view blogs, but only Artists in our LevelUp ...

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