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  1. Art: Making wisps of dye in clear resin....
  2. Art: liquitex
  3. Art: Vilppu vs Sheldon vs Mentler vs other for figure drawing/painting dvds?
  4. Art: Paying attention to the mass of an object
  5. Art: Oruhito's Thread
  6. Art: short question concerning bridgman's constructive anatomy
  7. Art: wrong forum, nevermind the post
  8. Art: The Mulatto girl
  9. Art: Oil studies
  10. Art: Anatomy Trouble- Movement of the pelvis
  11. Art: Update 11.9.10
  12. Art: Crayola Crayons
  13. Art: how much does daily figure drawing help?
  14. Art: Transfer Proportions to Perspective
  15. Art: White white and more white. What are your whites?
  16. Art: How to paint garlic bulbs ? (oil)
  17. Art: Daily Painting (and General Art Blog)
  18. Art: amazing latte art
  19. Art: Painter colorize blending mode
  20. Art: animal portrait
  21. Art: Female skeletal bust study
  22. Art: Anatomical Studies from References
  23. Art: Recent work
  24. Art: Wintry Sun Rising
  25. Art: Evel Knievel Mockup
  26. Art: Workshop
  27. Art: life drawing difficulties
  28. Art: Students Project (Highres Smoke Textures inside)
  29. Art: Big responsiblity! crap
  30. Art: Pasting Canvas (linen) on Wood... help?
  31. Art: Matt Boismier's Lifedrawing
  32. Art: Nemisis' schetchbook
  33. Art: Starting From nothing
  34. Art: In the Chicago area and want to draw from life?
  35. Art: help for beginners
  36. Art: If you could pick only one anatomy/figure drawing book.
  37. Art: looking for large wood & glass palette
  38. Art: Color blending/Photoshop coloring
  39. Art: oil paint finished coating?
  40. Art: Skin tone, techniches to make a true realistic skin.. HELP PLEASE!!
  41. Art: Recent Oils *Update 3/23*
  42. Art: G@m at Angel Academy of Art
  43. Art: lovely Biet
  44. Art: Toks's studies (Upd on May 27)
  45. Art: Casein, Alkyd, Oil ??
  46. Art: Street Anatomy
  47. Art: Attempting The Natural Way to Draw
  48. Art: Plein Air
  49. Art: pensil practice of portrait
  50. Art: Quick Studies in oil
  51. Art: Need Help
  52. Art: Absurd, two works
  53. Art: Female proportions - Technical advice.
  54. Art: Fruits and studies
  55. Art: Assorted work.
  56. Art: Starting oil painting, coming from acrylics.
  57. Art: creating a smooth tonal range
  58. Art: Are specific pigments important in copies
  59. Art: Roland TD-12S V-Stage Electronic Drum Set------------$950usd
  60. Art: Post Your Vehicle Illustrations.
  61. Art: Yeeeeaaa New Thread?
  62. Art: Water Color Scenery
  63. Art: Need push in the right direction
  64. Art: Proportion Experiments: Head
  65. Art: Who's Got Futuristic Gun Art Here?
  66. Art: Figure Studies of a comic book artist
  67. Art: Life study...so far
  68. Art: Linen or Canvas, is it worth the price difference?
  69. Art: Line Quality
  70. Art: Girl with a Peal Earring WIP
  71. Art: Apollo (Warning - Nudity 18+)
  72. Art: Question: Preparing panel for painting with clear gesso
  73. Art: Figure Studies from photos
  74. Art: Daily 6 by 6 Ink Portraits
  75. Art: Happy Satan's sketches - UPDATE 15.1.11
  76. Art: Resuffling Boats.
  77. Art: Resuffling Boats.
  78. Art: Cast Study-WIP
  79. Art: First Attempt at "Proper" Life drawing
  80. Art: Bowser-Peach-Mario
  81. Art: Bowser-Peach-Mario
  82. Art: Master Copy Suggestion
  83. Art: Godless Shrine: The Life Drwings of FallenGod
  84. Art: Bargue Studies of Fallen God
  85. Art: What to paint the ferrule with to avoid sunglare?
  86. Art: Oil Painting - Need materials help
  87. Art: Rubens & Snyders Prometheus Bound WIP
  88. Art: Jonny Forsstrom
  89. Art: I need to make progress, help...
  90. Art: hairwash
  91. Art: Starting Sculpture
  92. Art: Charcoal Paintings
  93. Art: WIP: Material FX Observation library
  94. Art: The human body learned from life and masters (nudity!)
  95. Art: Question. Painting with oils onto aluminium
  96. Art: In the Valley of Coping - Abstract art as therapy
  97. Art: Difficulty in making my faces/figures look solid.
  98. Art: Give me your opinion
  99. Art: Figure Drawing / Sketches
  100. Art: Painting Progress
  101. Art: Color Saturation in Shadows
  102. Art: Artwork idea
  103. Art: Portraits and other work
  104. Art: Head Studies, Spring 2009
  105. Art: Some recent paintings
  106. Art: Madonna will be presented by Oscar Casares in the Florence Biennale
  107. Art: carpediemmusti
  108. Art: Studies & Some of concious thoughts from my subconcoius
  109. Art: Gouache Painting - Creek + Video Capture **Parts 1-7 Now Posted!!**
  110. Art: Recent Works 2009
  111. Art: Sight Size.. practice it?
  112. Art: Studies by JjT
  113. Art: A painting a day in Boston, MA
  114. Art: impressionsistic pop art - bird wars
  115. Art: hell ye!
  116. Art: Downy Woodpeckers
  117. Art: My head layins
  118. Art: Learning Landscapes
  119. Art: Some spray to seal a graphite drawing (and then be able to paint over it) (ANSWERED)
  120. Art: Oils - changing skin color?
  121. Art: Timeline of things to do to Improve.
  122. Art: Help with profile sketches
  123. Art: Drawings & Paintings from Spring '09 (big dump)
  124. Art: Digital Illustration - Photoshop
  125. Art: edges and values
  126. Art: Painting The Figure: Study Suggestions
  127. Art: post your figure drawings landmarks!
  128. Art: Pen or Pencil?
  129. Art: Help with Andrew Loomis Planar Head Studies:
  130. Art: Setting Up A Still Life
  131. Art: Art and Culture
  132. Art: "Daydreamer V.2" 6.10.09
  133. Art: A couple of oil studies, 2.5-3 hours each..
  134. Art: Studies after watchi g Zhang Lu video
  135. Art: Female Anatomy (pelvis).
  136. Art: Bad with color - Mixing and usage
  137. Art: help with concept
  138. Art: Has anyone worked with this paint or one like it?
  139. Art: Here's a Plein Air question for yas!
  140. Art: Anotomy/perspective Help help
  141. Art: Scribblings of a non-artist: crits and advice needed badly!
  142. Art: Fluorescent lights and you!
  143. Art: Question about Shading
  144. Art: Figure Drawing
  145. Art: Need help and opinion: Anatomy
  146. Art: CA Portrait and Composition Month Starts Now! +Coro's huge oil portrait head thread!
  147. Art: Oil on wood or masonite panel without gesso?
  148. Art: Can Anyone Read This Signature???
  149. Art: Preparing Wood for Painting
  150. Art: Studies.
  151. Art: Figure and Head studies in charcoal, graphite, pen and paint..
  152. Art: I want to get better at painting from my imagination
  153. Art: Plaster cast study
  154. Art: Ejercicios del Color - Latin community excercise thread (English not forbidden!)
  155. Art: The Starting Road
  156. Art: what should i work on next?
  157. Art: Mostly Classwork - Figure Drawings and Paintings
  158. Art: Character Design help please...
  159. Art: My studies, sketches, works
  160. Art: Samuel Drawings
  161. Art: new jobs
  162. Art: The ArtWORK Chronicle of a Tryer
  163. Art: Creative series
  164. Art: Still life paintings
  165. Art: Gesture Studys and poses
  166. Art: Plien Air works
  167. Art: drawing humans in perspective.
  168. Art: Color study
  169. Art: Forays into the dark. Shadow Learning
  170. Art: .Kittens Anatomy Studies.
  171. Art: Messy Strokes - Brush stroke tips?
  172. Art: help painting hair (oil)
  173. Art: Fusion Art ?
  174. Art: My first oil painting UPDATE: Finally Finished!
  175. Art: Renaissance drawing media
  176. Art: sweet watercolours
  177. Art: Skulls, Tits, Gas Masks & Alcohol!!!
  178. Art: Velasquez - Santa Claus X
  179. Art: Blending...help!
  180. Art: Fine Art
  181. Art: Need Help: Acrylic / Oil based mediums
  182. Art: Professional scan/photo of paintings
  183. Art: Free Downloadable Anatomy References - from real models
  184. Art: New Blog
  185. Art: Quill Pens?
  186. Art: Redhawk
  187. Art: My fine art
  188. Art: Finance - Free High Quality Wallpaper and photos
  189. Art: Muscle Stduy
  190. Art: Musashi- Go Rin No Sho
  191. Art: Back to basics - my journey
  192. Art: Oil figure study
  193. Art: 狐Lee 's Works
  194. Art: Kamber Parrk's Master Studies
  195. Art: An hour a week - studies from life and master artists
  196. Art: My Life Drawing Studies
  197. Art: portrait
  198. Art: portarit
  199. Art: Mostly oil sketches from life.
  200. Art: Painting Course with Nick Rusko-Berger: Basic to Advanced...
  201. Art: life studies
  202. Art: Study thread: drawings and paintings
  203. Art: My traditional journey
  204. Art: Works in Progress, sketches and demo's
  205. Art: My first thread here, paintings
  206. Art: Yinjie Sun (china's new artist )
  207. Art: New watercolors
  208. Art: Classical Atelier at Home
  209. Art: Bargue Sources
  210. Art: beginner oil painting
  211. Art: Portraits
  212. Art: Figure Drawings and studies on paper
  213. Art: my paintings
  214. Art: Free Downloadable Anatomy Reference Images
  215. Art: Perspective question: I have height need same length/width
  216. Art: Am I good enough to be a Concept Artist?
  217. Art: A couple sketches...
  218. Art: Tim Dose Recent Paintings
  219. Art: Chasing Figures~
  220. Art: let the graphic speak for itself
  221. Art: Alex's Atelier Studies
  222. Art: advice request and critique please
  223. Art: Digital Life Painting
  224. Art: Whitaker flesh painting
  225. Art: sketching pencils(sepia, sanguine, conte, chalk)
  226. Art: First charcoals
  227. Art: Clean graphite rendering?
  228. Art: Beginner Drawer, wanting help.
  229. Art: Still-life
  230. Art: Oil paintings
  231. Art: what the material i need to make figure PVC ?!
  232. Art: Caravaggio's David with the Head of Goliath Copy
  233. Art: Eyes construction
  234. Art: Portraits and other paintings[B]
  235. Art: Hello! Various paintings (oil).
  236. Art: Anatomy- Mucles of the back
  237. Art: When is a piece done?
  238. Art: Whats in those pantone tria markers anyway?
  239. Art: Quick oil studies at UT campus
  240. Art: Recent work
  241. Art: Layering paints in sunsets
  242. Art: ~~~ Fun stuff I did this month~~`
  243. Art: need some advice
  244. Art: cubist/expressionist experiment
  245. Art: Phoenix Theatre
  246. Art: fuzzy realism - a new art style
  247. Art: Plein Air Painting
  248. Art: Want to take oils in a new level
  249. Art: Church painting
  250. Art: OLD CITY