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  1. Art: question about acrylics !
  2. Art: memory drawings (anatomy study)
  3. Art: memory drawings (anatomy study)
  4. Art: Figures n stuff
  5. Art: Creativity/Innovation/Imagination/FUN
  6. Art: Subway Life Drawings
  7. Art: portrait studies
  8. Art: How to Portray Evil Seaweed That's Trying to Murder You
  9. Art: Drawing two characters in one scene...?
  10. Art: Gun Mechanics
  11. Art: need help
  12. Art: At the park today
  13. Art: New Work
  14. Art: Help with Loomis head construction
  15. Art: Caravaggio's St John the Baptist
  16. Art: Some life drawings
  17. Art: Beginners photoshop- where?
  18. Art: some art writing from the journal following the progress of one painting
  19. Art: some art writing from the journal following the progress of one painting
  20. Art: Physchic Researcher Developing Art Work
  21. Art: Concept art- the career, summarized
  22. Art: Technical head anatomy/drawing question
  23. Art: takin a crack at oil painting..
  24. Art: Pencils?
  25. Art: simple illustration of edges
  26. Art: Making your own oil paint.
  27. Art: perspective books
  28. Art: Loomis books magical?? :)
  29. Art: Zazerzs' Anatomy Box:studying anatomy crits and comments welcomed
  30. Art: How to: fade a yellow color to blue without going through green
  31. Art: Blurry edges....
  32. Art: post your animal anatomy studies
  33. Art: Rembrandt on Nintendo DS colors
  34. Art: perpspective issues
  35. Art: Straight lines in oil
  36. Art: Kresoja's Paintings
  37. Art: Anatomy help
  38. Art: Charcoal/conte portrait from figure class
  39. Art: help new beggining
  40. Art: Improving my drawing....
  41. Art: My painting needs a little guidance
  42. Art: Bargue Drawing Thread
  43. Art: Rife L'rawings
  44. Art: Digitally painting fur?
  45. Art: Drawings for Uni. Admission...
  46. Art: To draw only with planes/ No lines
  47. Art: lineart for digital illustrations
  48. Art: Sky study
  49. Art: Horse portrait
  50. Art: Massive Art Book Compilation Dump/Download!!!
  51. Art: Changing my approach to art
  52. Art: Bargues/Master Copies
  53. Art: Short & Sweet Andy Warhol Bio
  54. Art: Critique my Shit
  55. Art: This new primer I bought is so damn slippry, ideas on how i can give it more tooth?
  56. Art: Indian ink
  57. Art: videocreacion jose callado
  58. Art: Some Help
  59. Art: Life drawing/drawing the figure
  60. Art: 4am and frustrated wolf is frustrated
  61. Art: "lost and found edges on object"
  62. Art: Using stock to create characters.
  63. Art: drawings and other stuff
  64. Art: i want to know my works vules
  65. Art: your favored drawing approach?
  66. Art: How do you make Smooth Faded Blends in Oil?
  67. Art: master copy strategies
  68. Art: drawings and other stuff
  69. Art: ohGr's figure drawing struggle...
  70. Art: My oil journey
  71. Art: Frustrated about ol' Johny here......
  72. Art: Tats
  73. Art: about my artwork
  74. Art: Three questions for Marko Djurdjevic
  75. Art: Sketches to Shading
  76. Art: smile
  77. Art: mother1
  78. Art: Toulouse Lautrec theme
  79. Art: "Varanasi" in India-a Rough color key sketch
  80. Art: digi life paint - drumset
  81. Art: Need help breaking references down / finding where to start
  82. Art: Question about making molds
  83. Art: Giving faces more 'volume'...
  84. Art: Hi everybody take 2 I have question
  85. Art: Animators: How Do They (Re)Draw Precise Constructed Shapes in Perfect Perspective?
  86. Art: motherhood
  87. Art: Plaster casts.. where can I get em?
  88. Art: Best paper for quick acrylic studies
  89. Art: How often should I be drawing?
  90. Art: Graphic Design -Marker Visuals help Tutorials?
  91. Art: Graphic Design -Marker Visuals help Tutorials?
  92. Art: Need help at being more creative and also improving my drawing
  93. Art: Duplicating sculpey sculptures: Different techniques?
  94. Art: interested in a 3D modeling program to layout Geiger/ Nakmura style paintings
  95. Art: Life drawings from class.
  96. Art: Various measurment methods
  97. Art: Various measurment methods
  98. Art: which anatomy book is the easiest to learn from?
  99. Art: Anatomy Studie Guide
  100. Art: Never Painted Before, Want to Learn - Advise Me?
  101. Art: update of my art studies in facebook!
  102. Art: Wanna help me settle an argument?
  103. Art: 3 questions
  104. Art: mixing gouache and acrylic
  105. Art: Dragon scales on clay models?
  106. Art: A question about master copies
  107. Art: updte on my studies..many many images..
  108. Art: How to do "perfectly" darken a color?
  109. Art: What more is there to do?
  110. Art: LEONARDO'S ADVICE FOR A PAINTER.--feel free to add more :)
  111. Art: Project_01
  112. Art: Project_01
  113. Art: Lead paint from China
  114. Art: Project_02
  115. Art: Project_03
  116. Art: Project_04
  117. Art: inking and line art help?
  118. Art: my spot works
  119. Art: Project_05
  120. Art: Newest Works...
  121. Art: Improving Life Drawing when not at Life Drawing :)
  122. Art: Drawing Turbulence
  123. Art: So I'm very new to real-life drawings...
  124. Art: need references for painting
  125. Art: my college study
  126. Art: Color Light Theory
  127. Art: Patrick's Art
  128. Art: My studies
  129. Art: Oil painting quest 26 06 11
  130. Art: struggle and a long suffering
  131. Art: Joe's Road to Fine Art and Illustration
  132. Art: beautiful trunks!
  133. Art: Basic Figure help/Foreshortening?
  134. Art: Help required with Ellipses in perspective.
  135. Art: digital painting crits
  136. Art: Art brushes and mono palette?
  137. Art: cast drawing help
  138. Art: JAIR's fine artwork Aug.8
  139. Art: looking for a head mannequin showing planes of the face/head
  140. Art: what are the five characteristics of light?
  141. Art: Novice thread, Pencil.
  142. Art: Rendering light and dark skin with hatching/cross hatching - Help needed
  143. Art: How to teach someone to draw?
  144. Art: Impressionism
  145. Art: Impressionism
  146. Art: some paintings
  147. Art: life drawing
  148. Art: dodecahedron inside an icosahedron
  149. Art: Females and Anatomy
  150. Art: simple monochrome study
  151. Art: Help in line definition
  152. Art: Unsharp masking?
  153. Art: Can you paint acrylics over oils?
  154. Art: Bangkok
  155. Art: Drawing approaches and training
  156. Art: tips for drawing the head in perspective?
  157. Art: Long Poses
  158. Art: Why are shadows saturated with a single light source?
  159. Art: Bonsai tree "Out on a limb" crit,suggestions, what works/dosent ect
  160. Art: The Mental Side of Art?
  161. Art: ::: The Architectural / Interior / Landscape Design Group ::: [08.01.10]
  162. Art: Hurricane Fay Monochrome
  163. Art: The Bone Doctors Life Lessons
  164. Art: The art student BEGINNERS THREAD,Lost where to start? what exercises to do? come here
  165. Art: Peaceful Mind
  166. Art: My new painting "Christening child"
  167. Art: So what about this Retouch varnish malarkey?
  168. Art: Im toying with the idea of building myself a pochade box and.. I DID! Pics inside
  169. Art: Questions About Digital Painting
  170. Art: studies vs drawing approach
  171. Art: Oil Color Charts
  172. Art: Sepulvertures Studies Thread UPDATED November 15th 2009 ::::Now with acrylics::::
  173. Art: newbie - iso: Orientation/ graphic arts
  174. Art: Mountain painting
  175. Art: shapes in perspective / perspective question
  176. Art: NB's An Hour A Day
  177. Art: digital painting looking grey(dirty)
  178. Art: anatomy study
  179. Art: Another Classical Atelier Thread
  180. Art: - ****TEMPERA**** - Your thougts
  181. Art: Tears
  182. Art: J Flod life drawing -updated sep 27
  183. Art: Still life study
  184. Art: A question about using acrylic matte medium over pencil as a ground for oilpainting
  185. Art: Monochrome Oil
  186. Art: Blending Edges
  187. Art: Any tips on how to improve my drawing style?.
  188. Art: self portrait in oil
  189. Art: Oil work
  190. Art: Head Drawings, Oil Sketches, and Quick Poses
  191. Art: This guy needs C&C.
  192. Art: oil pastels?
  193. Art: Recent Figure Update
  194. Art: workshop paintings
  195. Art: Oil basic color
  196. Art: Help is needed.
  197. Art: Finer points
  198. Art: Beginning Oil Painting
  199. Art: What do you use as gesso. (if you don't use gesso)
  200. Art: Brushstroke dynamic paintings
  201. Art: Real Big Bad Drawing Problem
  202. Art: fat over lean?
  203. Art: gem
  204. Art: Topcow Fanworx
  205. Art: Drawing Detail
  206. Art: Improve messy line work
  207. Art: The 30 Second Drawing
  208. Art: Beginning portrait drawing
  209. Art: [Master Studies] An hour a day
  210. Art: Begginning digital painting.
  211. Art: mmm, juicy marker drawings
  212. Art: Help with Markers
  213. Art: Last Year's little 1 semester anatomy course
  214. Art: Ye Olde Life Drawing
  215. Art: heads and features
  216. Art: Color Study
  217. Art: a quick question on acrylic retarder
  218. Art: a question about form following strokes...
  219. Art: oil on parchment
  220. Art: Line art or realism?
  221. Art: Chinese ink life drawing
  222. Art: Voltairianman Life Drawing thread
  223. Art: Pencil drawings (heads mostly)
  224. Art: Information on basic shapes and lines
  225. Art: S.M and Algenpfleger study all of them bones.
  226. Art: A Daily Routine!
  227. Art: Fine arts
  228. Art: Values when dealing with different saturations & lightness
  229. Art: Life Drawing
  230. Art: Need help with a cartoon concept
  231. Art: Looking for videos of Reference -> Sketch process
  232. Art: digital painted eye
  233. Art: Shading/Values Question
  234. Art: Teach Me To Draw Caricatures!!! Please!!!!
  235. Art: Cory's brush with pen...and brush NWS
  236. Art: Question on Basic Anatomy Construction.
  237. Art: Colour blindness and colour sensitivity.
  238. Art: How do we abstract painting?
  239. Art: art from morocco
  240. Art: Help on an aspect of Loomis' 'Successful Drawing'
  241. Art: Values
  242. Art: oilpainting..give me adwice please..
  243. Art: May we have a kickass watercolor painting thread, please?
  244. Art: Finishing off
  245. Art: Anatomy wonderings
  246. Art: Master Study: Doni Tondo
  247. Art: 1st Life Drawings in 18months!!
  248. Art: Head Studies
  249. Art: creating energy.
  250. Art: ballpoint pen effect in photoshop=Hot chick with a huge gun