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  1. Art: Life Drawing sketches
  2. Art: Portrait Studies
  3. Art: Little white globs in Painter when using impasto...help?
  4. Art: two skull renderings
  5. Art: Scientific Websites
  6. Art: clothing and folds
  7. Art: Magic Man's Skeletal Studies.
  8. Art: Master Copy Workshop
  9. Art: Walk a mile in my shoes
  10. Art: another dome for crits
  11. Art: Your pallet?
  12. Art: finish for gouache?
  13. Art: Some portrait drawings
  14. Art: max7 error
  15. Art: Super Icons (how to?)
  16. Art: Culture studys from around the world
  17. Art: A Painting by Wesley Burt
  18. Art: digital painting questions
  19. Art: Lets discuss lighting
  20. Art: durer's dresden sketchbook
  21. Art: the importance of memory drawings..would love to see some sketches from you.
  22. Art: Toning in PS: NEED HELP with Blending Mode Issue
  23. Art: Yougnins
  24. Art: Help drawing hands!
  25. Art: New guy around the block
  26. Art: Classes
  27. Art: Watercolor attempts
  28. Art: Help on drawing heads.
  29. Art: Head Draw Art "Silent Night"
  30. Art: portrait of my gf's sister
  31. Art: Proportional Dividers
  32. Art: Any1 got any good paint tuts?
  33. Art: Help a New Guy..
  34. Art: Pastel Portraits
  35. Art: comments on this portrait please
  36. Art: Pick-outs(updated 9-11)
  37. Art: Paint mixing in Photoshop
  38. Art: Question
  39. Art: My Oil Paintings from start to finish.
  40. Art: R.B. Hale books?
  41. Art: What tools for traditional drawing?
  42. Art: Anatomy books
  43. Art: some nice life drawings from my school
  44. Art: Sketching technique
  45. Art: Need help with anime bodies
  46. Art: Hi, i'm a 15 year old GCSE student.
  47. Art: I need a reference book on how to use materials.
  48. Art: Prismacolor Clear Blender Blunder...
  49. Art: Anatomy books
  50. Art: Best Resource for Anatomy... Ever? Thank you Mr. Loomis
  51. Art: Artist's Block?
  52. Art: Who Iz Your Fav. Artist?
  53. Art: Exercises for improving shape and form abilities?
  54. Art: Where to start??
  55. Art: Timpas paintings Ud 28 Nov
  56. Art: question about vocab!?
  57. Art: need help - another question...
  58. Art: drawing from the right side of the brain
  59. Art: Figures
  60. Art: Scanning (Help Wanted)
  61. Art: Shading/Rendering
  62. Art: what ps tool to sketch with?
  63. Art: Virginie Studies
  64. Art: Quick question on Fixatif's
  65. Art: Line weight
  66. Art: Dr.Paul richer's Artistic anatomy online!!!
  67. Art: Sculpture materials help!!!! Please!!!!
  68. Art: City..HI..i am freshman here.~
  69. Art: How do I paint?
  70. Art: When drawing buildings from life....
  71. Art: Belbe Pic (anatomy & proportions)
  72. Art: my work (pt.2)
  73. Art: Rebecca Kimmel ~ Figurative Drawings and Paintings
  74. Art: Life drawing help please
  75. Art: foreshortening/perspective
  76. Art: Impressionism- Evolution of eye or Total Corruption(plain text for now)
  77. Art: struggling with getting a decent likeness
  78. Art: muscle studies.
  80. Art: help oil pastel
  81. Art: Concept and character design help!
  82. Art: Need Help on Flesh Tone Materials...
  83. Art: figure studies
  84. Art: Differences in a 8 year old girl and a 23 year old woman.
  85. Art: Questions about making a banner
  86. Art: Portrait Studies II
  87. Art: psyching myself out
  88. Art: Oil and digital from life
  89. Art: Looking for T Shirt Materials
  90. Art: Ruffles, Hatching and Rendering tutorials!
  91. Art: Something different...
  92. Art: forearm troubles
  93. Art: using a kneaded eraser and tortillon
  94. Art: Drawing Tools?
  95. Art: Painting water spilling over hands?
  96. Art: Water Spilling over hands?
  97. Art: male pictures
  98. Art: 3 point perspective
  99. Art: My atelier progress...
  100. Art: Skull
  101. Art: God d**n inspiration....
  102. Art: Digital art value question
  103. Art: Oil Painting- advice on medium please?
  104. Art: Andrea Rhodes: Figure and Animal studies
  105. Art: pen tool
  106. Art: help! can't ID painting...knight cowers before angel
  107. Art: My Life Drawing Progressions
  108. Art: I AM shocked...overpracticing ?
  109. Art: feedback please-portrait, figure sketches, rendering
  110. Art: Life Drawing 184, my college freshmen year so far.
  111. Art: Anyone Have Any Tips for Acrylic on Illustration Board?!
  112. Art: I need to ask a quick question about gridding.
  113. Art: Foreshortening
  114. Art: Skin :O
  115. Art: oil painting help!
  116. Art: Books?
  117. Art: i bought alot of books but now...
  118. Art: delete
  119. Art: Holy crap, my college library is amazing
  120. Art: Hi...
  121. Art: Delete
  122. Art: Alternative Marker Techniques
  123. Art: help with oil pastels
  124. Art: Cheryl
  125. Art: curvilinear perspective?
  126. Art: Holy carp (mmmm carp)
  127. Art: rotation in perspective
  128. Art: ball point pen
  129. Art: Cheap Easels
  130. Art: Life drawing sketches
  131. Art: Spraypaint Canvas Help
  132. Art: Tips for painting with a tablet
  133. Art: Can someone help me color like this?
  134. Art: rendering metal help!
  135. Art: rendering metal help
  136. Art: The OFFICIAL Nude Figure Life Drawing Thread
  137. Art: The Next Step...?
  138. Art: Newbie requiring help
  139. Art: First Figure Drawing Post
  140. Art: Time to focus on color and painting- HELP
  141. Art: Workable fixative and Oil painting
  142. Art: head anatomy studies
  143. Art: some recent work
  144. Art: Conte on smooth newsprint....
  145. Art: Figure Drawing Paul Wee's Class
  146. Art: Odd Nerdrum : Modern Master?
  147. Art: parvo beati
  148. Art: 20-minute life studies
  149. Art: Move my Thread please (mod only)
  150. Art: Studies from Photos
  151. Art: Calwyn's College courses. Life Drawing + Still life..I learned nothing in high school
  152. Art: Loomis versus Nicolaides
  153. Art: NOOBS!Life Drawing/UPDATE 2ND NOV '05
  154. Art: An Unforseen Problem with Bristol Board
  155. Art: What the hell am I doing wrong?
  156. Art: Need Help w/ Color Study
  157. Art: patdzon's oil studies
  158. Art: 5-minute life drawings
  159. Art: new here
  160. Art: some body studies
  161. Art: Figure Drawing every friday...Crits needed!
  162. Art: large sheets of paper?
  163. Art: Mixture of life drawing sketches {{CnC appreciated}}
  164. Art: Acryl Painting from Life - Looking for Advices
  165. Art: Differences between pencil, brush and airbrush tools?
  166. Art: I need mural advice
  167. Art: tutorial, lines done digitally
  168. Art: Painting with paints
  169. Art: I Need Serious Help Painting
  170. Art: Some first time figure drawings
  171. Art: Nupastels and Pastel pencils...
  172. Art: Backgrounds
  173. Art: Pastel female nude
  174. Art: What materials do you use?
  175. Art: Ever use latex paint for your large paintings?
  176. Art: Email me if interested.
  177. Art: my works, i need help
  178. Art: where to begin? help appreciated
  179. Art: Newbie
  180. Art: When doing digital
  181. Art: Photoshop Brushes
  182. Art: Figure drawing
  183. Art: Oil Painting
  184. Art: Thumbnails
  185. Art: first ever speed painting
  186. Art: The Practice and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed- Available online
  187. Art: Question about using Brushes with different mediums
  188. Art: Acrylic Issues
  189. Art: which is first...digital or traditional
  190. Art: Principles of Design
  191. Art: Light's Doings
  192. Art: update on my atelier progress at Mims studios..Nov 19, 05
  193. Art: About Human figure and Perspective
  194. Art: Looking for a book/site that covers fat...
  195. Art: Nude acrylic painting studies
  196. Art: A nifty way to set up your palette!
  197. Art: Color theory?
  198. Art: Patdzon's life studies and misc. stuff
  199. Art: Oil Painting; polyurethane varnish?
  200. Art: painting help
  201. Art: Timpas Threaded Studies, Hands, gestures, eyes, skeleton UD 07 feb
  202. Art: Dynamics a part of foreshortening
  203. Art: Anyone have any experience using Windsor & Newton's Oil Primer?
  204. Art: Ideas and artist block
  205. Art: Movie storyboard
  206. Art: sargent copy with questions
  207. Art: Portrait drawing tutorial?
  208. Art: seek help to buy skull or skeleton to study anatomy
  209. Art: Loomis
  210. Art: Sargent study
  211. Art: another material Christmas list
  212. Art: Using Ink
  213. Art: Question about coloring...
  214. Art: I have around 200 bucks to blow this Christmas...
  215. Art: Honig skills via figure drawing
  216. Art: Art Dump: Newest @ Bottom [updated April 26th]
  217. Art: need wings help
  218. Art: Warm/Cool Study. Need help for the next one.
  219. Art: mural paints
  220. Art: Moises - Miguel Angel
  221. Art: estaples Portraiture
  222. Art: armor--should this be in the 'lounge'?
  223. Art: Figure Drawings - critiques and help appreciated
  224. Art: Head Study Help
  225. Art: Beginning Painting
  226. Art: Some studies from life drawing.
  227. Art: The Art of War
  228. Art: gouache-techniques
  229. Art: Q: watersoluble pencil, how do I use it?
  230. Art: I smell....
  231. Art: STILL LIFEzzzzzzz
  232. Art: keeping the ideas full.
  233. Art: Help on learning composition.
  234. Art: loomis help
  235. Art: whats is painting mean for you? give me your own quote..hehe
  236. Art: What are they called?: Wooden human models
  237. Art: Need help with abstract art for xmas card
  238. Art: Good references?
  239. Art: best software?
  240. Art: References
  241. Art: Basic colors on your palett?
  242. Art: a good site
  243. Art: Artist Ben Long..
  244. Art: Blue Pencil
  245. Art: Oil Painting Progress.
  246. Art: Good lighting for portrait work
  247. Art: Two point perspective question
  248. Art: poetry thread..speak with your heart..
  249. Art: city perspective
  250. Art: Monster drawing tutorial?