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  1. Painter from PC to Mac
  2. CMYK .tiff auto-contrast/saturation
  3. Scanned image issues...
  4. Is it Possible?
  5. "Moving" Painter to a different Computer?
  6. Adding extra features without a new download?
  7. corel 9 tracking issue....
  8. Babysteps anyone?
  9. Painter X Update released today
  10. Digital Painting for a noob
  11. Brush Sizing with alt gr
  12. Painter 7 problem (with images)
  13. best place to learn?
  14. custom patterns in Painter X
  15. "Restore All Default Variants" isn't working
  16. Selections
  17. Painter X - Fur/Hair Techniques
  18. BIGGER color palette?
  19. new
  20. No scrollbar and these silly lines!
  21. Painter IX and shortcuts
  22. didn't know where else to post this.
  23. Smoothing shapes and curves in Painter 9: a little help?
  24. Painter X on Intel Mac: where are all the brushes?
  25. how 2 draw so precise light
  26. Need advice on getting started.
  27. Need help understanding a Painter Tutorial.
  28. Vista stole my shortcut!
  29. Painter X, Brushes to blenders
  30. Picky
  31. where to start mmh?...
  32. Need a step by step tutorial please.
  33. Painter X says "can't open Painter Settings" HELP PLEASE
  34. Suggestions on good tablets/programs for a newbie?
  35. custom keys in painter X
  36. Saving files going between platforms
  37. one quick question about painter.
  38. Suggested Brush?
  39. Brush size problems in painter
  40. Drop Shadow
  41. Painter Settings?
  42. cut and paste problem!!
  43. Question conserning Digital Watercolor
  44. Painter IX.5 (Mac OSX) post-crash file recovery
  45. [No More] Troubles with the brushes
  46. my wacom flaps
  47. A big Thankyou
  48. brush creation
  49. Setting trouble
  50. A Painter X - Question for all and JIN!
  51. painter 6 install problem
  52. painter X vs painter IX
  53. brush tracking presets for different brushes?
  54. Suminagashi brush library
  55. i need a teacher for concept art
  56. Weird watercolour problems, reeeeaaalllllllllllyyyyy ssslllllooooooowwwwwww
  57. Wide screen tablets?
  58. Different Question, Regarding Digital Watercolour wetness
  59. Pressure sensitive tablet pcs?
  60. what kind of laptop to buy for painter..
  61. Saturation & Value/Brightness sliders made into button?
  62. PainterX (Mac) not able to load brush library - Jin if your out there!
  63. brush techniek of feng zhu
  64. WACOM pen help
  65. Rotate Canvas in Painter X
  66. Tutorial Material
  67. Inspiration Resources
  68. Opacity Problems - Painter/Photoshop Differences
  69. 6D Art Pen and Painter IX.5
  70. Painter leaves "v" lines when I lift up the stylus to finish my stroke
  71. PainterX: stupid quick start window not filling in
  72. Stroke Angles? (feng zhu) Help
  73. New to painter
  74. Ebony Pencils
  75. 1st painter project.
  76. Color mixer>painting feel
  77. trust vs wacom
  78. filter showing heat waves
  79. Young drawer looking for a teacher
  80. Mapping Alt-key to Wacom in Painter X
  81. Painter X and xp
  82. How do I free transform part of an image?
  83. painter tutorials?
  84. Adjusting the origin on the perspective grid
  85. Canvas Resizing Bug?
  86. Painter to Compliment PS Work? How?
  87. Texture / paper problems. [Case Solved!]
  88. Brush Selector Bar Missing
  89. adjusting Layer palette size
  90. Moving line-art on the canvas
  91. How to make texture brush?
  92. Saving and brush size
  93. What's the best way to darken part of an image?
  94. Painter IX.5 slowdown on Mac
  95. Unable to Create Paper Textures
  96. Setting up Color Management in Painter
  97. Can't Open Painter!!!! HELP!
  98. Painter not working right with new monitor.
  99. Converting RGB to B/W?
  100. Canvas placing and Toolbox questions
  101. random splotches
  102. painter 9 Color Pallet/ Sets Oil paint names?
  103. is there a keyboard way to adjust your colors value?
  104. Painter not painting.
  105. painter x crash while saving
  106. how much better is the Intuos 3....
  107. pressure sensitivity in painter
  108. how do i convert RIF files to regular image files
  109. Palette knife problem
  110. I have a major headache - problems with Painter X
  111. HELP: corel painter IX brushes and textures
  112. Painter X brush strokes just circles?
  113. coloring?
  114. Need Help Using the Perspective Grid in Painter X
  115. Painter Update 10.1 is Up!
  116. Problem with Painter X layers
  117. Looking for user input for Painter links at ODP
  118. Pencil rendering.
  119. Rotate Page tool doesn't work with my Wacom tablet
  120. Graphics Tablet: Which one to buy?
  121. [Painter 9] Annoying start up box thing
  122. how to print the same colors as on my monitor?
  123. Painter Classic brushes
  124. Painter or Photoshop?
  125. Digital Watercolor content disappearing
  126. Intended use
  127. Wacom2,PainterX and VISTA
  128. HELP:moving brushes from one PC to another
  129. Tilt Not working with Wacom Intous 3 Airbrush
  130. Property Bar invisible?
  131. Image Catalogue Software Help!
  132. upgrading tablet - need advice
  133. Looking into Purchasing an Apple Computer
  134. Pixels Per Inch Question
  135. Logo work questions
  136. Questions on PPI
  137. Problem adding custom papers
  138. Text
  139. Vector??
  140. Wacom 6D Art Pen + Painter X?
  141. Training Wanted
  142. Tablet pressure non-existent?
  143. Help pls
  144. Question about Brushes
  145. Painter IX Zoom and Color Picker
  146. New to painter - Advice on brushes
  147. Painter X watercolors run VERY slow
  148. learning to paint with non dominant hand
  149. Graphic Tablets
  150. Eyedropper only picks up white
  151. Increasing number of mixer paint wells?
  152. How come this seems sketchy? Ebay painter X
  153. help!
  154. New Wacom Cintiq 12WX
  155. Downloading Painter??
  156. Painter X papers
  157. Layer Problems???
  158. Help! Need Major Help With The Basics!
  159. removing color from canvas layer...
  160. Painter is totally screwed up
  161. Painter Wish List
  162. Scanning LARGE images with a tiny scanner
  163. Painting and Music
  164. How to make Painter X more stable?
  165. How do you make selections and scale them down?
  166. invitation
  167. Corel Painter Essentials 3?
  168. HELP! Painter IX problem
  169. From OpenCavas to Painter
  170. erasing background
  171. spacing question (sliders don't work)
  172. Photoshop or Corel painter?
  173. using photoshop brushes in painter
  174. Suddenly unable to open PainterX
  175. set paper color
  176. Saving custom pallet
  177. Painter newbie?
  178. some videos
  179. Photoshop "proof colour" function in Painter?
  180. Stupid question:
  181. Window mode bug in Leopard?
  182. what are Painter recommended system requirements?
  183. how can i merge 2 layers in Painter?
  184. Intuos 3, Painter X, and Leopard
  185. Painter XI or Painter 11 speculation
  186. Painter X Paper Limit?
  187. problem guys
  188. Getting painter to emulate a photoshop style brush.
  189. Totally new to painter, please assist.
  190. ryan church dvd
  191. i don't have any liquid
  192. Using blenders on transparent layers
  193. A Brush Question for Jin
  194. Painter X Performance on new Macbook Pro?
  195. glow effect in painter IX
  196. No pressure? Huh?
  197. Quick noob question
  198. artrage 2 help needed!
  199. thinking about buying painter
  200. Hello, a little question
  201. Saving to Jpeg and keeping brush characteristics
  202. Artist's Oils or Acrylics or what?
  203. painter x stopped working on my mac...
  204. Brush settings/questions for painter X
  205. painter X brush rotation problem
  206. |Come and commect|importent
  207. Couldn't draw on new layers
  208. help|about a tutorial
  209. Brush leaving strange cubes behind!
  210. how to collapse the Composite layers ?
  211. keeping painter x running smooth in osx
  212. batch process auto-painting HELP
  213. Texture Brushes in Painter
  214. Modifying the "Add grain" texture
  215. Christmas 2007 and New Year 2008, wishing you....
  216. Grass
  217. Painter X problems yahoo!
  218. largest file size in painter X?
  219. Digital watercolor: "the nonconformist..."
  220. Breaking Straight Line Strokes?
  221. Oil brushes
  222. Is there a place to compile your chosen brushes?
  223. Big n00b and want to learn
  224. Dirty outlines in PainterX
  225. How does this person get antialiasing to work when rotating canvas???
  226. how to set up painter's (x) brushed?
  227. Question about tutorial on inking from corel's site
  228. funny 'aura' when blending
  229. how would i start
  230. How do you do "light writing" in Painter????
  231. Painter 7 - Where is it now?
  232. got a wacom intuos - and now?
  233. NEWBIE in the house!
  234. Please Help Painter X Liquid Metal tool doesn't work..
  235. Painter shortcut problem(Solved)
  236. Is there a good cursive font in Painter IX?
  237. Just got myself Painter X. Tutorial?
  238. Configuring CMYK color profile for Painter > Photoshop exporting
  239. I need a program to color scans - which?
  240. Painter Educational Version
  241. Hot mix / pick the colour U want
  242. PainterFactory.com is LIVE!
  243. good book to learn from?
  244. Wacom tablet's.
  245. Painter Layer
  246. Custom brush pallet disappears!
  247. Brush Shape Direction
  248. Have some questions...
  249. Strange non.anti-aliased Brushes
  250. Corel X crashes whenever i do Pattern Mover?