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  1. Art: A different sort of animation - Opinions pls!
  2. Art: Stopmotion: Hour to Hour by Shakespeare
  3. Art: The Fox and the Fleas animation crit
  4. Art: Is traditional animation dead yet?
  5. Art: Animation exercises by Trapatea
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  8. Art: Looking for a good site to post animations
  9. Art: swmary's animation book
  10. Art: jump cut
  11. Art: animated short "Blik"
  12. Art: Graduate short film: The Infernal Machine
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  14. Art: AMBS/Tosh.O viewer video blog
  15. Art: Demo Reel 2011 - 2D animation
  16. Art: Animation Rap Video
  17. Art: Short (vfx)
  18. Art: diagonal walk cycle
  19. Art: AE Puppet and keyframing tests
  20. Art: "Fall" - An Animated Short Film
  21. Art: Love and core (new animation)
  22. Art: my animated video clip :)
  23. Art: Colorful Studio 2012 Motion and Animation Reel
  24. Art: Maintaining proportions while animating..?
  25. Art: Illustrafonogy
  26. Art: Marcus Ottosson - Character Animation Reel 2011
  27. Art: Animation short: Alzebra, the scientic truth about zebras
  28. Art: FLOWER (VFX)
  29. Art: NEW short/A.M.B.S.: "F@ck You"
  30. Art: Mono Tone City (with making of included)
  31. Art: My Animation Shorts
  32. Art: "Get the Right Present" - Stop Motion
  33. Art: Andrew Jones influenced Speed Painting
  34. Art: Subtle Animations
  35. Art: 2d Celshaded Joyful Animation
  36. Art: Motion graphics, Concept Game UI.
  37. Art: project: Hellfire ep.01
  38. Art: My first pixel art animation
  39. Art: Necrofusion: The Minos Complex 1st Teaser
  40. Art: "Baris's Toys" an animated film
  41. Art: Motion Graphics And Animation
  42. Art: Animation Using Traditional Technique
  43. Art: Tug Of War
  44. Art: TV Commercial for Ceramics by human3DStudio
  45. Art: TV Commercial for Beer Gyumri by human3DStudio (2 series)
  46. Art: TV Commercial for Bitherm by human3DStudio
  47. Art: TV Commercial for Anelik Bank by human3DStudio (Director's and commercial versions)
  48. Art: Presentation of Davidoff Cigarettes by human3DStudio (2 series)
  49. Art: Bringing XXX-Mas Cheer...
  50. Art: Business Partner needed with Motion Graphics Experience
  51. Art: Thought this might be helpful
  52. Art: Animation Practice
  53. Art: Motion Tracking + Kinetic Type
  54. Art: classical animation shorts (grad films) - 1 more film added mars 27
  55. Art: Uncontrollable by KingTaro
  56. Art: El ve Hareketler - Hand and Moves HD
  57. Art: Student News Intro - Opinions?
  58. Art: I SAW THE SKY - A Short CG Film
  59. Art: Two starships WIP
  60. Art: Senior Animation Film
  61. Art: Animator Interview
  62. Art: Pond short animation test
  63. Art: The Lift - animated short
  64. Art: 3d game animation reel
  65. Art: Film blends live action and classical animation
  66. Art: TV Commercial for Wine Winar by human3DStudio
  67. Art: First attempt
  68. Art: Animations Galore!
  69. Art: 2009: A Spacebat Odyssey
  70. Art: Robber animations and modeling.
  71. Art: French student showreel
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  73. Art: The Little Painter Short Film
  74. Art: Bad Ass Mothatruckin' Ninja Panda Maniac!!!
  75. Art: Mechawhales Animation I
  76. Art: STN Progressive Intro
  77. Art: Funny animation check it out!
  78. Art: SweatBox
  79. Art: Glen Keane Resigns from Disney
  80. Art: Problem with Paint hair follicle tool
  81. Art: Abel Reverter 2012 SHOWREEL
  82. Art: My reel
  83. Art: TV Commercial of Anelik bank by human3DStudio
  84. Art: toon boom and particule illusion
  85. Art: Audio bundle for sale
  86. Art: motion graphics reel
  87. Art: Noobs few first stop motion animations,opinions?
  88. Art: I need help to go further on in this animation !
  89. Art: Willy Grunch, a French comics adapted into an animated series
  90. Art: Peter Chung on Japanese Animation Theory
  91. Art: Necrofusion Pilot Episode - Now Online!
  92. Art: Centaur modeling and animation
  93. Art: Wiggle 3D Gifs
  94. Art: RED "Based on a true fairy tale" Animated Horror Shortfilm
  95. Art: Demo Reel & More
  96. Art: MVI_0947 first jingle of the animation collective BJuice!
  97. Art: Critique need please for my Animal Sculptures!
  98. Art: Knowing animation but not rigging, modelling, etc?
  99. Art: Necrofusion:The Minos Complex Trailer
  100. Art: Motion graphics and Show Reel
  101. Art: TV Commercial for Beer Gyumri by human3DStudio vol.3
  102. Art: MEN IN BLACK: Ninja Squad
  103. Art: Marco (Shor Animation)
  104. Art: 2 walkcycles
  105. Art: Can somebody help me out a little bit here?
  106. Art: Rookie Footballer - A Game of Football (FX Video)
  107. Art: Amazon Studios looking for animation character designer
  108. Art: Animated Music Video (Entheogenic)
  109. Art: Atrocities
  110. Art: Animation project advice?
  111. Art: Learning to Animate (Critiques encouraged)
  112. Art: Lighticles - Audio Visual Animation (Experimental)
  113. Art: Khanh Pham Animations
  114. Art: Khanh Pham Animations
  115. Art: I could use some advice for a difficult mograph project using Trapcode Particular
  116. Art: A lot of Animated Stuff
  117. Art: Cerulean Opening Animation!!!
  118. Art: Animation software advice for an absolute beginner.
  119. Art: human3DStudios Showreel 2011 - 2012
  120. Art: Trashformers
  121. Art: The PrettyCrappies
  122. Art: Two cartoons
  123. Art: for fun :)
  124. Art: Final Project - Upsidedown
  125. Art: The ARMSmasters Project - Short Film Effort
  126. Art: (WIP) Birds
  127. Art: My Shortmovie "The Lost Sky"
  128. Art: Flash animation -working with the brush tool
  129. Art: Showreel 2011 - 2012
  130. Art: Presentation of West Cigarettes by human3DStudio
  131. Art: A Pair -o- Sock
  132. Art: walk diagonal up
  133. Art: 2D animation game reel
  134. Art: New Animation Short
  135. Art: Some 3D and VFX doodles i made in the past time
  136. Art: Counter
  137. Art: Renae's short film Daisy
  138. Art: Animated GIFS *Help*
  139. Art: Sound Designer looking for Motion Graphics
  140. Art: Music videos
  141. Art: Zey The Mouse Animation Happy Easter Photo clip! (with theme music!)
  142. pokemon - kinetic typography animation [asking for feedback]