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  1. Please offer me your honest no B.S. feedback/opinions
  2. Janus Collaborative School of Art Workshops 2013 - Anthony Ryder
  3. Academy of Art University in CA
  4. MA in Biology & BA in Graphic Design. Is there hope?
  5. Schools for Illustration/Digital Illustration?
  6. Is it possible to get a job as a concept artist without a college degree?
  7. Gnomon School of VFX Schoolarship ?
  8. FREAKING OUT MAN. So much to practice i'm completely overwhelmed!
  9. What education did you get to become a concept artist?
  10. Looking for school comparable to FZD... but in or near New York
  11. How is the MFA in Animation at SCAD (Savannah)? Advice on College Choices?
  12. transferring to an art school (questions)
  13. Best schools for 3D Animation and Game Art
  14. what to study if you want to become a concept artist?
  15. Top 100 Schools for Animation, Gaming, and Design
  16. Art School(s) in NY state?
  17. NYC Education Advice Please?
  18. Animation Portfolio Workshop Win A Free Tuition Contest 2014
  19. Advice on DigiPen's BFA program?
  20. FL art school help?
  21. Is Grad School the way to go? ---aspiring concept artist-film/games
  22. HELP!! Education for Game/Concept Art
  23. Where do I start
  24. my before/after a class online with Vilppu - next session 6 jan, do yourself a favor!
  25. Any Opinion on Art Institutes San Francisco and Its Program MFA Computer Animation?
  26. Which major should I choose Computer Animation vs Illustration?
  27. Sheridan vs Scad vs Ringling Culture
  28. Southern Oregon University EMDA Major/Minor?
  29. Need FZD Graduates Feedback On Graduating
  30. University of So Cal - School of Cinematic Arts, Animation and Digital Arts (Major)
  31. searching for courses like red engine studio workshops or else
  32. SCAD MA Advice?
  33. Art Scholarships
  34. Transferring to Concept Art Schools Feedback and Knowledge
  35. CalArt admission
  36. My Portfolio for VCUarts
  37. bachelor of animation or bachelor of computer graphics
  38. New ARTISTIC congress
  39. Industrial Design/Illustration Double Major? (Or Graphic Design)
  40. SVA Which program to enter for concept art
  41. Newbie in France, know of any schools here?
  42. Help me decide?
  43. Ex-Tattoo Artist here! :)
  44. Animation Portfolio Workshop 2014 Summer International Program
  45. CDW Term 1 Registrations/ Scholarship Details
  46. University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  47. 25, Desperate; Animation programs for ~$20k/Yr?
  48. Talking about an Education in Art
  49. Fundamental to Advanced Techniques in Realism 4 Day Clinic
  50. Education in ID even though I want to work in Entertainment Design/Concept Art?
  51. Renaissance Painting Techniques for Contemporary Artists
  52. Wanted: Advice wanted for backpacking concept artist
  53. Where should I go? What do I do?
  54. School to learn comics for international student (from France)
  55. CGMA Questions :)D
  56. Live!: A History of Art for Artists, Animators and Gamers
  57. Gnomon Entertainment Design Track
  58. I'm not sure which art school is best for me? Desired Major: Animation/Illustration
  59. Any New Zealand art schools to go to?
  60. Art schools near or in Ohio?
  61. Questions about Master's after BA/BFA
  62. What path should I follow?
  63. Good Concept Art Schools/Courses in Korea
  64. 3 Months in the USA, Advice on intensive art tuition
  65. Considering Graduate School for Animation/Illustration, maybe in Canada?
  66. in need of advice ;A; (or a pat on the back in the right direction xD)
  67. Need Some Advice
  68. Art schools in Central or South America?
  69. Training Advice Needed
  70. Red Engine Studios: School of Entertainment Design
  71. I'm very confused. Can someone help?
  72. 10 years ago I posted in here wondering what college to go to. Here are my results
  73. Switching careers paths from computer science to concept art: feasible?
  74. Algonquin's Pre-Animation and Illustration Vs Sheridan's Art Fundamentals
  75. Ringling vs SVA
  76. Art school Belgium/France if not Europe.
  77. Check out CGMA's NEW instructor lineup for Spring!
  78. accepted into RISD, just a couple questions!!
  79. The best schools to improve my digital fantasy art work?
  80. Accepted to SVA for Computer Arts/Animation, but can't afford it (Need Advice!)
  81. What are the differences between FZD, TAD and Art Centre
  82. Any good Illustration courses in Toronto?
  83. Red Engine Atelier
  84. Accepted to Ringling and MassArt- Torn??
  85. Schools in UK and Europe?
  86. About to graduate in an unrelated degree...feel lost.
  87. Should I even bother?
  88. Which school for 3D Animation?
  89. Thoughts on Max the Mutt?
  90. First year "Game Art" student looking for career path, portfolio, & resume advice!
  91. Grad School or Certificate?
  92. Help a kid out: Otis (Digital Media) vs. USC (Interactive Media)
  93. Has Art Center "had its time"?
  94. A quick question; Vilppu
  95. Go to SCAD carefully
  96. Art Center (illustration) or Otis (Digital Media)
  97. Any opinion on LaSalle Collegue Vancouver? - 2d Animation
  98. Struggling to decide whether or not to go to art school...
  99. Intensive illustration program
  100. Best UK Uni Course for Game Art/Concept Art
  101. Learn Animation Like Disney - Degreeless
  102. i dont know draw can i learn in an university of concept art or digital art ?
  103. Question about were i want to study
  104. Does Conceptart.org Atelier still exist?
  105. Going back to school to finish BFA, maybe get MFA?
  106. Unsure of what to do.
  107. Internships? Do they cancel if they don't have enough applicants?
  108. Studio Arts
  109. Deciding what school to attend
  110. Online figure construction courses, does anyone know of a good one?
  111. FZD vs 3d SENSE vs GNOMON(1yr course) PROS n CONS
  112. Has anyone tried the Oatley Academy "Magic Box" program?
  113. Vilppu Academy (online) ? Intensity?
  114. Max the Mutt Concept Art 2014 graduate Brian Zuleta has won the UbiSoft Award!
  115. Design schools in the Uk like Fzd
  116. Thread Closed, thank you!
  117. Russian Academy of Arts opens its branch in Italy!
  118. Need some advice on art school
  119. PERSPECTIVE DRAWING: NYC Parks Tour, Summer 2014
  120. Online matte / environment / landscape master classes?
  121. Calarts 2015?
  122. A local college that admits students based on a live aptitude test
  123. Michael Hampton Figure Drawing Workshop in Rome (12-13-14 September 2014)
  124. Art fundamentals at sheridan
  125. Transfer Scholarships for MICA?
  126. Best fine arts (Sketching/Painting) school in US?
  127. Private University vs SCAD
  128. artist mentors (figurative) for MFA in Florida or the Upper Peninsula Michigan
  129. Question about CGMA class
  130. Digital Tutors worth it for beginner?
  131. Algonquin College concept art
  132. Couple of Sheridan Portfolio Questions
  133. Getting back into it, living in Connecticut.
  134. Thoughts on Animation Schools?
  135. Sheridan Game Design Questions and Rez Mate search
  136. Illustration Post Graduate Programs
  137. Decisions: Cal State Fullerton, Otis, and Gnoman
  138. Ringling College of Art and Design 2015 Hopefuls
  139. Career path decisions
  140. Conceptart.org's newbie- SCAD art portfolio advice!
  141. John Kilroy Fine Art Academy (Boston Area)
  142. Schools as tough as FZD or Art Center but cheaper?
  143. i want to find some digital concept art school in canada , america , Netherlands
  144. Important Info in Choosing to Go to Art College (Former Admissions Exec)
  145. I'm worried about the future..
  146. Job/work locations of Gnomon graduates?
  147. 2015 - Sheridan College Animation Hopefuls
  148. AP Studio Art: Are Digital Paintings allowed?
  149. Art Schools Advice - California?
  150. portfolio that I'm working on for Entertainment Design program at Art Center
  151. Russian Art Academy.
  152. College Animation Portfolio Questions
  153. Environment Design Classes. Online (CGMA) or In-Class (CDA)?
  154. Finally deciding it
  155. Professional-Grade Online Figure Drawing Course?
  156. Wish is a good university to study a graduate program in Concept Art?
  157. Great illustration/concept art schools in London?
  158. Good Double Majors for Animation? (and other questions)
  159. Good Double Majors for Animation? (and other questions)
  160. Entertainment design portfolio theme?
  161. Continuing education / switching careers
  162. What to study to become an Illustrator/Concept Artist
  163. Vancouver, BC/Master Classes/Painting
  164. Best Animation Colleges of 2014
  165. Really need help on choosing career
  166. Drawing with FORCE
  167. Hopeful transfer student! Any help?!
  168. Art Center Entertainment Design Vs. Art Center Entertainment Art program
  169. Education for Concept Art
  170. Desperate to Find a College
  171. Art Center vs Gnomon
  172. Concept Art / Digital Painting Education
  173. fine art , digital art or concept art in america , canada , england , netherland ,...
  174. Concept Artist without appropriate education?
  175. Studying abroad?
  176. Dynamic Sketching by Peter Han
  177. Learning Fundamentals in Malaga, Spain?
  178. Help with choosing an art school.
  179. Masters in Visual Development or similar courses
  180. Canada Illustration and Concept Art???
  181. What is the best art schools and workshops
  182. Watt's Atelier vs New Masters Academy: Which online class is better?
  183. God save the newbie?
  184. Looking for schools whose programs allow focus on digital illustration.
  185. MFA-Illustration
  186. Help!!! Will art colleges accept anime/manga styles in portfolios??
  187. (Re-post) Help!!! Will art colleges accept anime/manga styles in portfolios??
  188. Internship
  189. Watercolor & Acrylic Online school / Videos
  190. Animation Portfolio Workshop Win A Free Tuition Contest 2015
  191. Looking for a College with a Program Focused on Concept Art
  192. Is art school hard to get into?
  193. Looking for a school.
  194. 2D, 3D and roles in the production pipeline
  195. Need help choosing between Concept Design and Character Animation
  196. needing advice on self study program
  197. Glenn vilppu a paris!
  198. Technical Illustration, anyone in the field with some ideas for school requirements?
  199. Classical/traditional art academy Germany?
  200. career switch
  201. career switch
  202. What is the proper steps to follow learn concept arts
  203. SCAD after graduation (verses Ringling)
  204. Glen Orbik DVDs.
  205. Watts online or ConceptArt?
  206. Online Art Classes - Ranking
  207. Otis or Art Center? Can someone help me with a few questions?
  208. Looking through potential art schools/training programs but confused
  209. $100 OFF Online LIVE and SELF-Study Courses - TOP Artists - KEEP YOUR VIDEOS!
  210. College Decision
  211. Strange Art Education?
  212. Barcelona academy of art?
  213. Stuck at Art Academy
  214. newbie in desperate need of help
  215. Help!art school? Europe? Suggestions
  216. Teaching yourself anatomy
  217. Art Center Pasadena Illustration
  218. Reccomendations for going to state college?
  219. SVA Professors Help
  220. [Help] Florence Academy of Art - Possibly Late Application?
  221. Concept Art Schioiol
  222. RISD Pre-College Experience : Comic Book Art Major & Opinions on Pre-College
  223. FIT Computer Animation BFA worth it?
  224. Illustration Major at MICA/SVA/Pratt/SAIC
  225. Level Up or Watts Online Atelier?
  226. Schools like Concept Design Academy/Red Engine in NYC?
  227. Picking A Minor?
  228. What kind of school is best for 2D artists? Please share your experiences!
  229. Where should I transfer to Currently in SVA
  230. Titus Lunter Environment Design Course at Art Camp. What do you think?
  231. Animation Schools in the UK? Specifically Scotland?
  232. When would be the best time to apply to SCAD and maximize scholarships?
  233. Online vs Live campus art education/worth of a art "degree"
  234. Any online classes that teach how to make comics like Kubert Schools
  235. Mark Westermoe in Los Angeles area.
  236. Art school and a miracle also art portfolio
  237. Art School Advice!
  238. is there a perspective course (online) affordable ?
  239. Bridgeview School of Fine Arts NYC - Russian Tradition
  240. Canadian Altiers
  241. chicago IL art school
  242. Wanting to learn traditional 2D Art and Animation but also want to learn CG modeling
  243. Need to Interview a Student
  244. help sva statement of intent
  245. SVA Continuing Education?
  246. Ringling College of Art and Design 2016 Hopefuls
  247. Illustration Bootcamp (MA or Diploma)?
  248. Structured art(drawing) course
  249. Planning to quit work and spend a year pushing my skills. Advice needed.
  250. Aspiring animation student seeking advice on where to apply