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  1. Portfolio question: Are digital life studies alright?
  2. How to know if a State school has a good art program?
  3. illustration college
  4. Is community college a good place to start?
  5. Where should I study?
  6. Ocad or sheridan illustration or sheridan animation or max the mutt?
  7. Online Art Classes for Teens?
  8. where to study GRAPHICS in EUROPE
  9. Best resources and education is best for matte painting?
  10. Not sure what to do...
  11. Realist Workshop Summer Intensive 2013 - New Zealand
  12. Ringling College of Art and Design 2013 Hopefuls
  13. How is Gnomon
  14. Programming Education for Artists
  15. Ontario/Canadian Schools for the Industrial/Conceptual Arts
  16. FZD Live Workshop 2012
  17. Computer Animation in Ontario
  18. Bammes in english!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Aspiring Concept Artist in a 3D Animation Program...
  20. freelancing and parents...... :/
  21. deleted thread
  22. Visualarium: Jordu Schell Creature & David Lesperance Environment
  23. Life Drawing Marathon | Southern Ontario
  24. Lookin for Concept art/design school
  25. Gap Year for Portfolio Building
  26. Where can I find good art classes?
  27. Taking out a loan for education
  28. list of schools/useful links
  29. ADELAIDE Concept Design Workshop 2013
  30. do concept art employers look at degrees?
  31. Schools in Japan?
  32. Online Art Classes for High School Students
  33. Prospective Student in British Columbia
  34. State school or Art $chool?
  35. What are some good character animations schools?
  36. edit/
  37. Small School Art Student - Advice for Where to Go Next?
  38. Can I possibly get into an art school?
  39. 2013 - Sheridan College (Animation and Illustration) Hopefuls
  40. Ringling questions :/
  41. Sheridan portfolio help?!
  42. Help with Gnomon Portfolio
  43. Red Engine School of design info or reviews? Anyone
  44. Choosing a School for Sequential Arts in Portland?
  45. Online School
  46. deleted
  47. Low Residency MFA in Illustration at the Hartford Art School
  48. Photoshop for the beginning Artist?
  49. Can you apply as an undergraduate for an art school when you're an adult?
  50. Are there places to take night classes in the SF Bay Area?
  51. Applying to school; Could I get a portfolio review please?
  52. Looking for art classes in Toronto
  53. Will art schools not like lined paper in a sketchbook?
  54. Level of quality for undergrad portfolios?
  55. OCAD Integrated Media & Painting/Drawing
  56. Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA - any info?
  57. Where to start?
  58. Do I have to do cartoony animation at ringling?
  59. Shout Out: Academy of Art University
  60. skills for illustration when schools are only for fine arts or concept art?
  61. NEWS! The Art Department is accredited! -Bachelors & Assoc. Registration open now!
  62. General Questions about getting into Concept art
  63. SCAD - Witch program to take? Is it worth it?
  65. Aspiring concept artist or illustrator. Need HELP!
  66. An Online Beginning Photoshop and Lightroom class
  67. Polishing up current high school portfolio - Review/Feedback please!
  68. Which college is best for video game cinimatic computer animation?
  69. Concept Design Academy
  70. ARTISTIC ANATOMY With Rey Bustos - The Best Anatomy Teacher In LA -TOMORROW!
  71. SVA animation vs computer animation
  72. Portfolio Level
  73. Online animation school?
  74. Art Portfolio
  75. Transferring to an Art School for Illustration
  76. Sheridan Animation Portfolio Departement for Teen ?
  77. Animation Summer Program ?
  78. Canadian Illustration Colleges/Universities
  79. Schools with SFX make up/costume programs?
  80. Should I apply to art school (portfolio inside)??
  81. Suggestions for good colleges for concept art in and around New York
  82. Concept Art vs. Illustration?
  83. Free 1 Week Workshop Ticket to Adelaide CDW 2013
  84. Internships
  85. University of Abertay Dundee
  86. The Major Art School Effect
  87. Traditional Schools
  88. Any school in UC or CSU with VFX/Animation program ?
  89. Online MFA Program - Illustration, Drawing, Etc.
  90. Visualarium Master Class: Mastering ZBrush with Paul Gaboury!
  91. FZD Concept Art for Next-Gen Video Games Workshop
  92. Free Tuition to Animation Portfolio Workshop 2013 Session
  93. Do i need a certain degree
  94. Looking for insight on animation programs! (SCAD, etc.)
  95. Options for Sydney student (aus) conceptual-art orientated courses, enmore/fzd
  96. Whats the best way to teach the fundamentals?And what were your favorite assignments?
  97. Canadian schools
  98. Options for a Floridian?
  99. Fullsail University
  100. New Digital Download
  101. Chances of getting into the School of Visual Arts?
  102. New CDW Digital Downloads - John Park from Adhesive Games (HAWKEN)
  103. Portfolio/Game Art Questions
  104. Last Min Portfolio Review
  105. Studying Abroad: What are its merits to an art student?
  106. Options for melbourne (AUS) student looking into overseas study in the coming years.
  107. Concept Art / Entertainment Design - List of Schools/Classes in Europe (+similar to)
  108. Questions about SCAD
  109. I need a tutor
  110. i com from a suckish school
  111. Starting a portfolio
  112. Self Directed life drawing class?
  113. hey guys i need answers and art help
  114. i need a group of artist who want to be edjucated in art
  115. Sheridan 2013 Game Design Applicants
  116. Help! I'm 34 and looking into animation/illustration
  117. jnkbhb
  118. Help! I'm 34 and looking into animation/illustration
  119. AAU and Sheridan, which one should I choose?
  120. Some help needed
  121. Online Art University?
  122. Vilppu Academy - Online?
  123. The NEW ZBrushWorkshops: TOMORROW: McFarlane Toys' Steve Lord LIVE Preview Webinar
  124. FZD Graduation Show 2013
  125. SCAD, CIA and CCAD
  126. Applying to VCU and MICA, Portfolio critques please
  127. New to San Francisco
  128. Florence, Italy: Need apartment!
  129. DigiPen's animation program?
  130. Certificates or Degree?
  131. Online classes at Gnomon and/or CGMW
  132. Industrial Design Schools in Europe (or related to entertainment design)
  133. my chances of getting in Scad? (new user)
  134. Animation or Illustration at SCAD?
  135. Entertainment Design School Reviews?
  136. SVA or KCAI
  137. Kubert School Review
  138. The University of Hertfordshire showreel and student art works
  139. Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts specializes in figurative, representational art
  140. Art Schools in Australia (Recomendations?)
  141. Delete me
  142. Illustration? or a Design degree? Wich is "better" to study?
  143. American Academy of Art And Some Helpful Advice, Please?
  144. UK Games Course.... Probably the best L3 course in the land!
  145. Best 3D/2D Art schools in Sweden?
  146. SCAD. Do I even stand a chance?
  147. How useful is Sheridan's Visual and Creative Arts course for getting a job??
  148. What an Good 2D Animation school for beginners?
  149. Year-long options for art education?
  150. Can somebody review my statement of intent for the School of Visual Arts
  151. CCA or Academy of Arts
  152. Digital Character and Creature Design Live Online Course
  153. Southern Atelier - Great Affordable Art Training
  154. x
  155. What degree covers 'Concept Artist'?
  156. what bachelors degree do concept artists opt for?
  157. RISD & LCAD for Concept Art
  158. Applying to college [Help]
  159. Help me out! Urgent!
  160. Studying from Books
  161. Summer School
  162. Public Schools in California?
  163. Character Creation with Kris Costa - Starting March 25th
  164. Academy of Realist Art TORONTO Which plan should i take?
  165. What to work on outside of class??
  166. I need some tips and pointers for a portfolio.
  167. Florence 2013-14
  168. Looking for Recommendations for a University
  169. Art institute of Seattle, any words?
  170. Current OCAD student w/ questions about Sheridan
  171. Good schools for Visual Development?
  172. Art school or university?
  173. Glenn Vilppu Workshop - Munich | Germany - June 24th 2013
  174. Lyme still taking apps. Scholarships! Learn from the original Hobbit illustrator!
  175. FREE Thursday Night Workshop in Los Angeles
  176. ACCD Ent Design and LCAD Game Art
  177. Art Schools and Animation... need advice!
  178. Online education?
  179. Animation Portfolio Workshop / PWI summer program
  180. Which path should I take?
  181. How to concentrate on art while going to high school also figure drawing classes?
  182. Would like to study in the US...
  183. self teaching
  184. Tell me about CCA?
  185. BFA in digital art and Masters degree in Architecture... is it possible?
  186. FZD School of Design Expands Creative Team with Top International Talents
  187. Art school, TAD and me.
  188. Things to Consider when Looking at Art School.
  189. Art Center. Is it worth it? Job employment?
  190. Trouble with my Art Program :/
  191. College Opinions!
  192. Schools in Texas
  193. Online Art School
  194. Possible studying in the USA?
  195. VFX schools?
  196. Seraching for a good inking alternative to tablet and curves in photoshop!
  197. School Deposit?
  198. Teaching One-on-One Classes in Your Home - Anyone Thoughts?
  199. 3D Animation Colleges?
  200. The safehouse atelier!
  201. Online vs. In class/ What degree did you get in art school?
  202. Design theory - what should I be researching?
  203. clueless international student hopeful; help, please!
  204. Art and the Internet workshop, Berlin University of the Arts
  205. Books with an overview of the fundamentals?
  206. Sheridan (or) academy of art university?
  207. Looking for Advice on Gnomon or any other year long program
  208. SCAD Sequential Art Review?
  209. 3D Animation Colleges?
  210. Need some serious advice to where I should go
  211. 3dsense Media School : School of Interactive Visual Arts
  212. Summer time workplan
  213. Transfer from Sheridan to OCAD and vice versa?
  214. Ringling College of Art and Design 2014 Hopefuls
  215. Lavender Hill Studios- Figurative training, London
  216. CAA vs. AAU, please advise!
  217. 2014 - Sheridan College (Animation, Illustration and Game Design) Hopefuls
  218. Any universities in Europe where i could study Concept Art ?
  219. CDW Studios in Australia
  220. FZD International Students - Questions.
  221. What to major in for a career in Game Design?
  222. Question for illustration grads/ students
  223. FZD SCHOOL OF DESIGN YouTube 100k Subscribers Contest
  224. Seneca College "Independant Illustration"-- does anyone know *anything* about it?
  225. Life Drawing Sessions in Tokyo, Japan
  226. UCLA art program
  227. Character Design Class in Toronto?
  228. Could use some advice
  229. Watts Atelier Online - Launching August 31st, 2013!
  230. Fanshawe for Animation
  231. FZD | Graduation Show October For 2013
  232. Dynamic Sketching
  233. Which Course Should I Take?
  234. Wicked awesome animation programs in the state of New York
  235. 3d Animation Colleges
  236. 3d Animation Colleges
  237. INDUSTRY GIANTS 2013: Visual Effects, Animation and Game Forum
  238. What exactly is Interactive design?
  239. Academy of Art University - Thoughts?
  240. DISCOUNTS in Online Digital Art Products, Concept Art and 3D modelling.
  241. Phoenix Atelier - Creature Design Class with Alex Ries
  242. Deciding on a School
  243. I've just begun looking into art schools
  244. What makes a College Portfolio REALLY stand out...
  245. Choosing the right school (Eru)
  246. Does anyone know about FDZ school in singapore?
  247. Calart question
  248. Best School for Animation in Chicago
  249. Portfolio for Gobelins + The Anim. Workshop (Denmark)
  250. As a concept artist, what skills should I be expected to have other than drawing conc