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  1. Transferring to Art Center & Otis in Junior year?
  2. daily routine
  3. wannabe concept artist failing high school
  4. Are there any graduate programs for concept art in the US?
  5. Private mentoring
  6. Private mentoring
  7. Applying to SCAD...portfolio advice?
  8. Admission Portfolio Ver. 1 (SVA, Pratt, SAIC, CalArt) Pics Included!
  9. Are there art highschools in US?
  10. experiences at SAIC
  11. Advice?
  12. Sydney/NSW University with Courses in Illustration/Concept Art
  13. Atelier de Bresole in montreal canada
  14. animation
  15. "self taught" needing recommendations
  16. Industrial Design
  17. Financial Aid Cut Off Levels? Programs? (CA, USA)
  18. OCAD AND YSDN ACCEPTED STUDENTS, could you look at my portfolio to critique?
  19. Capilano University
  20. Sheridan Animation Portfolio - Help!
  21. Animation Schools
  22. European art universities?
  23. Gnomon Master Classes 2011 are coming in February
  24. Dallas - Creative Arts Center?
  25. Illustration Internships, anyone?
  26. Applying for RCAD -- portfolio help?
  27. Does anyone recommend some top-notch VFX programme?
  28. Ringling, Art & Life.
  29. How is the gnomon school courses for practice purposes?
  30. Portfolio: Traditional Foundations or Creativity?
  31. Pre-Animation or Introduction to concept art?
  32. Requirements to teach?
  33. New 3Kicks Fine Art Studio Winter term 2011
  34. Non-Contemporary UK Art Universities
  35. International student help
  36. Minneapolis College of Art & Design?
  37. Any Grad Students Out There?
  38. Architecture to Art?
  39. Advice needed re art schools
  40. Paying for art school
  41. Art Schools in nyc?
  42. Portfolio Help?
  43. Illustration portfolio for university
  44. Glen Orbik class going online!
  45. Pratt vs. Risd
  46. NABA
  47. CCAD
  48. TAD or Gnomon
  49. Anyone in San Jose State Illustration?
  50. furniture @ cca?
  51. Academy of Realist Art in Boston. Anyone know anything about it?
  52. Hopeful and confused.
  53. Help! Personal Statement!
  54. thinking to study on Los Angeles
  55. CalArts Character Animation BFA?
  56. SVA
  57. MICA illustration
  58. Study Online
  59. confused with portfolio requirements
  60. Goal: To get into a design school in Europe
  61. Art School... A far far dream :(
  62. Taking Art in College
  63. Has USC Animation program gained reputation to match its film school?
  64. Need to leave current school, In need of some help!
  65. Art Schools in sweden?
  66. Pre-College Decision help
  67. Lowest priced Online Art Schools
  68. My Risd Portfolio
  69. OCAD, Sheridan, Seneca or Emily Carr?
  70. How to pick my future Education? Questions about UC
  71. TAD spring starts Feb 7. This is the last week to sign up for this semesters classes
  72. Canadian Art School Grads, What is your campus life like?
  73. Art-schools journey in Europe.
  74. Study Abroad: Glasgow School of Art/Something else?
  75. Hartford Connecticut MFA. Illustration review please!
  76. At Community College now....but where to next? and $$?
  77. Looking for 3d program
  78. VLP
  79. Colleges with strong art departments on the east coast
  80. To be a Story Artist (Storyboard Artist), what major should I study?
  81. Study entertainment design at Gnomon school
  82. Portfolios - Can less be more?
  83. Ringling Pre-College Perspective 2011
  84. best major for concept art?
  85. Are these stuff good enough get in the art center
  86. Swansea Metropolitan Uni.
  87. Are pre-college programs worth it?
  88. Art and Art History: UofT/Sheridan Joint prog.
  89. MCAD or SCAD for Illustration/Sequencial Art Major?
  90. Need Some Advice
  91. Is college necessary?
  92. Community college transferring to art school - Question
  93. Digital Artwork in Sheridan Animation Portfolio
  94. Illustration or Animation program?
  95. How do you guys afford Ringling or other art schools?
  96. Figure Drawing Intensive. Russian Approach
  97. Should I include these?
  98. Best Animation College in terms of Infrastructure
  99. I got a few questions about motion graphics
  100. Could use some advice, specifically from those in Game Dev
  101. Affordable colleges for motion graphics [Please relply]
  102. Will I be able to get my master's degree?
  103. Internships in SoCal
  104. How does Animation Mentor compare to bachelor programs?
  105. Sequential art classes.
  106. Getting into Art School as a Homeschooler
  107. Question regarding environment classes
  108. Best school for illustration major.
  109. Help With College Decision/Tracking Illustration vs Seq Art
  110. Goal: Concept Artist, Location: Vancouver
  111. Internships.
  112. Sheridan College - (Animation Evaluation Question)
  113. Mantova comics & games 2011
  114. Watts Atelier- Fall Class 2011 Schedule!
  115. Online school affect acceptance?
  116. Art/Animation Schools in Southern Italy?
  117. Can the price of art school be justfied?
  118. Academy of Art University
  119. I don't want to be a Teacher or Concept Artist for the rest of my life
  120. USC vs Ringling?
  121. Australian Concept art Workshop
  122. The Illustration Academy 2011
  123. Education for concept arists
  124. Online school?
  125. Help with drawing sides
  126. Help with drawing sides
  127. Help with drawing sides
  128. Help with drawing sides
  129. Help with drawing sides
  130. How does one pay for art school?
  131. Need help with Colleges
  132. Art School Survey
  133. Acceptances for Sheridan's BAAA (Bachelor of Applied Arts [Animation])
  134. Design at NSCAD
  135. Before you go to Gnomon..UF? UCF?
  136. Art Schools/Training in cheaper countries?
  137. Does a degree matter?
  138. SVA vs Ringling in CA
  139. 100% summer Tuition Scholarship at ACE Program
  140. Poor but wanting to go to SCAD?
  141. Calarts or SCAD? Animation or SEQA?
  142. CGMW or CGWorkshops online classes?
  143. École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts Students anyone?
  144. Illustration portfolio
  145. Junior in High School- Need help on deciding course of action for college.
  146. Best course of action, video game concept artist
  147. College Portfolio and Pre-College Classes in New York
  148. Schools similar to AAU?
  149. Slade School of Fine Arts Vs. Goldsmith
  150. Art schools Belgium?
  151. Cleveland Institute of Art
  152. figure drawing classes and open studios
  153. Pls help:)- SAT scores? GPA? Portfolio?
  154. 3Kicks Fine Art Studio
  155. Community College Transfer - degree vs. random credits?
  156. Ringling vs. RISD
  157. The Art Department Fall 2011 early registrations and scholarship apps are due!
  158. Looking Into Costume & Prop Design
  159. Reference letters question
  160. Pratt, SVA or SCAD??
  161. questions about art school admission
  162. Hardest. Decision. Ever. (PLEASE help) RISD students appreciated!!
  163. 100% Tuition Scholarship - Build a portfolio for college
  164. Animation: Pratt vs. CCA
  165. changing focus
  166. I am thinking that I should stop going to school for art.
  167. Illustration of Animation?
  168. Center for Cartoon Studies Reviews?
  169. AFI Production Design MFA Program - Deadline Extended to May 15th 2011
  170. Grad Show 2011
  171. Looking for atelier or open studio in Philadelphia
  172. Has anyone heard from SVA or LCAD yet?
  173. Laguna (LCAD)/SVA scholarships?
  174. SCAD, Termites, and Cancer?
  175. Art schools in Western Australia
  176. Anyone live in or around New England/East Coast?
  177. Sequential Art Grad School: SCAD?
  178. Doing Animation Portfolio Workshop to get into Max the Mutt: Good idea?
  179. future schooling plans and ideas
  180. Studying Abroad??
  181. SVA vs MICA, illustration
  182. Concept Design Workshop Australia 2011
  183. Glen Orbik classes now available online!
  184. Question to Canadian Students About Affording Your Program?
  185. Figure Drawing Class Assignments?
  186. $10 Life Drawing Ebook!
  187. Is SCAD worth the price?
  188. Otis or art center
  189. I need some art school advice
  190. Some Art School questions
  191. Trouble applying to the Disney Talent Development Program
  192. Animation Portfolio Workshop Summer Session
  193. Animation Portfolio Workshop Summer Session
  194. SCAD or MICA for photography?
  195. Academy of Art Online
  196. Seeking advice in transferring colleges
  197. Free Live Portfolio Reviews & TAD LIVEcasts with ConceptArt.Org begin today!
  198. My great experience at a community college
  199. Good digital art programs?
  200. Secondary School Student looking for a online school
  201. How to get into art school?
  202. Bill Perkins (Disney Art Director) 5-Day Color Boot Camp 5/4-5/8
  203. Does anyone know about UC Berkeley or Davis art departments?
  204. Learn 3D in UK for an art school graduate
  205. Bellas artes in Madrid vs. Italy
  206. least GPA needed to get into Sheridan or any art university?
  207. Art Schools in or Near Frankfurt Germany
  208. Portrait painting course by Louis Smith, Greater Manchester
  209. The Art Department Live Online Portfolios are happening now!
  210. Atelier Maui Official Thread
  211. Is gerlesborgsskolan school good?
  212. Is An Art MFA Worth It?
  213. Fall 2012 CA.O Scholarships for Industrial Designers to The Art Department
  214. Fall 2012 CA.O Scholarships for Character Designers to The Art Department
  215. Fall 2012 CA.O Scholarships for Environment Designers to The Art Department
  216. Fall 2012 CA.O Scholarships for Creature Designers to The Art Department
  217. Fall 2012 CA.O Scholarships for Illustrators to The Art Department
  218. Fall 2012 CA.O Scholarships for 3D Artists to The Art Department
  219. Fall 2012 CA.O Scholarships for Fine Artists to The Art Department
  220. jewelry/metal arts program at california college of the arts?
  221. LAST Week to Register for Classes! Sign up today!
  222. UK animation & VFX?
  224. Hull school of art and design (park street)
  225. Graphic design school in new york
  226. what courses are best?
  227. good schools for game design/development in ontario?
  228. SCAD visual effects program
  229. Self-taught animator wanting formal education
  230. Industrial design and CAD?
  231. Just Another 'Your Thoughts' On My Pursuance Of 3D Animation
  232. Need Help Buying New Scanner!
  233. Question about Internships, Fellowships, etc.
  234. any good concept art/digital heavy courses in chicago?
  235. NYU Tisch vs. Parsons for photography?
  236. Next round of online courses start this weekend
  237. Onyxcon institute 2011 @ onyxcon!
  238. Sophmore at MICA....need help
  239. Schools of Illustration?
  240. The Boston School of Painting - Summer Workshop!
  241. Going to Angel Academy of Art, Florence
  242. Tell the Art Colleges What is Important to You
  243. MFA Degrees
  244. Academy of Art Canada?
  245. Looking for a good animation school to transfer to in the fall
  246. Thinking about becoming an animator?
  247. studying course to be a concept artist
  248. FZD School Graduation Show June 2011
  249. Picking pictures for Art center portfolio
  250. School Hunting (Graphic Design) NEED HELP