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  1. Art classes in Asia?
  2. How many units should you take?
  3. MFA program ....where?
  4. Current state of Sheridan Animation
  5. Grand Central Academy of Art
  6. Seeking Advice in Education
  7. Advice on New World School of Art
  8. List of Colleges in Tennessee - Advice?
  9. TAD
  10. Online teaching concept environment design
  11. work experience!
  12. "Networking" without art school
  13. Computer animation after non-art degree
  14. Carnegie Mellon University's Game Design, anyone?
  15. A.A and then B.A?
  16. Loyola University Chicago Art Graduates?
  17. Offering Private Digital Art Classes!
  18. 5-day Model Session, paint or draw, non-instructed - San Francisco AUGUST
  19. Only a few more days and a few more spots in TAD Classes (online and in person avail)
  20. Anyone knows good concept art and art school in toronto canada
  21. Help with finding a school(Toronto area)
  22. Art schools in/around Denver? (Illustration)
  23. Recommend Schools with an Illustration program
  24. I need advice for my current direction in art school ..!
  25. Non-expensive Art School/University
  26. Very confused 19 year old
  27. New Winter 2011 Term Schedule for Red Engine Studios
  28. Do NOT go to SCAD
  29. Ringling College of Art and Design 2011 hopefuls
  30. The Horror of Sallie Mae
  31. Traditional 4-Year vs. Gnomon School?
  32. Illustration For Animation?
  33. VCU?
  34. University of Notre Dame?
  35. Feedback for Academy of Art University
  36. calstate long beach?
  37. To get MFA or not to get MFA?
  38. Available spaces in Sheridan's animation program for non-Ontario residents?
  39. Transfer student looking for a more challenging environment
  40. Dawson College 3D animation program (MONTREAL)
  41. *edited
  42. Art Center MFA program
  43. Picking a school
  44. Applying for an MFA/MA without an arts background?
  45. Boston's MassArt.
  46. How to study from books
  47. Art School vs Reg. University
  48. Academy of Art University
  49. Sheridan Animation vs Emily Carr Animation
  50. Any school recommendations in the Bay Area for Animation?
  51. A little advice please!
  52. quite confused--advice/experience much appreciated!
  53. quite confused--advice/experience much appreciated!
  54. cheaper schools with good animation programs in the us?
  55. A student at MICA-does anyone got advice?
  56. Colleges? Majors? Jobs?.....help?
  57. Applications of graphics arts?
  58. having problems choosing school
  59. Art Schools in Washington State
  60. [Scotland] Dundee / Glasgow Caledonian / Abertay Dundee ?
  61. Need help deciding a school to attend.
  62. Otis: Its strengths and weaknesses? For Animation?
  63. good ateliers around LA
  64. Classical portrait painting workshop
  65. Best Way to Learn to Draw?
  66. The Art Department = Big Art and Image Thread - James Gurney, pics and news too!
  67. Need to know where to start...
  68. The Art Department: New POD location poll! - Fall 2011 Start Date!
  69. What's the best way to be an illustrator or a concept artist?
  70. Figure Life Drawing in Tokyo, Japan
  71. Minor in Art, Major in Technology?
  72. Ateliers in florida
  73. Using School reviews on Telonu.com
  74. Thinking about Full Sail's online BS in animation, thoughts?
  75. Toronto Cartoonists Workshop September Classes
  76. Art Institutes
  77. nvrmind
  78. New art school in New York City
  79. The Drawing Workshop - Private Class in Downtown Los Angeles
  80. Poll: Time is running out to sign up for THE ART DEPARTMENT SPRING SEMESTER!
  81. Illustration Academy, FuturePoly or another ?
  82. OCAD portfolios?
  83. University of Phoenix
  84. OCAD vs Sheridan Illustration specific Qs
  85. is it figure drawing
  86. 3d/concept art course advice (Futurepoly?)
  87. Master in graphic design colleges needed?
  88. Signs of Your Education in Life: Your Dossier
  89. online art schools?
  90. Schoolism? Joe Kubert? Worth it?
  91. Schell Sculpture Studio Classes for International and Long-Distance Students
  92. Aspiring video game designer.
  93. Academy of Art Housing
  94. MICA 5 year double major program
  95. Online Private Classes - Student Compatible Prices
  96. CG Masters Workshop
  97. Sheridan vs other Toronto colleges
  98. What would you guys do if you were in my situation?
  99. Question about majors...
  100. Recurring Doubts About School Of Choice... (Towson U)
  101. Choosing art schools/major. Advice?
  102. Old man needing a career change and some education!
  103. senior year, exploring art college options
  104. Full Sail: good school or not?
  105. Do I need a SAT test score for scholarship??
  106. How to take critique in a studio class? (yes, this is a serious question)
  107. Scholarships and Aid for international students in Canada
  108. Australian art courses. Ballarat/ Griffith
  109. Entertainment Design in NYC/East Coast Area?
  110. AP classes?
  111. London, UK: Looking for Grants/Scholarships.
  112. Entertainment Design or Illustration?
  113. Graduate Studies Portfolio
  114. Need advice.
  115. Need Help With Schools: National and International
  116. How to know if programs are good
  117. Digipen, or...what?
  118. Architects Going Into Other Fields
  119. VFS
  120. batchelors vs degree
  121. The certification program on 3d animations and games from University of WA
  122. MFA for a non-art BA
  123. Question- My course shouts about its originality while churning out mediocre chaff...
  124. LAAFA "vs" Watts Atelier: Comparison?
  125. Bay Area Anatomy/Ecorche Workshop
  126. toronto area
  127. Community College? AA in Animation or Illustration?
  128. Will I be able to get into SCAD?
  129. Schools with Animation Majors In New York
  130. Subject to study
  131. Building A College List
  132. Philadelphia Schools
  133. Sheridan Animation vs Illustration
  134. Choosing a school & program
  135. Avoiding anime for admission sketchbook
  136. Need help finding school!!
  137. College course?
  138. What did they teach you ?
  139. Can't get a concept artist job out of an Illustration course
  140. I need help in critisizing my portfoli to apply for school
  141. I need help in critisizing my portfoli to apply for school
  142. Kline Academy of Fine Art
  143. F.I.T versus SVA for comp animation
  144. Tell Me About These Colleges:
  145. Angel Academy of Art & Florence Academy of Art portfolio submission
  146. Confused Californian
  147. advantages of a high GPA?
  148. FZD School Graduation Show November 2010
  149. Illustration or Fine art? (MICA)
  150. ArtistsAnatomy.com Anatomy Model
  151. Media/Gaming Art: Milwaukee area?
  152. Is an A.A.S enough?
  153. Transfer to RISD??
  155. Northeastern colleges with art majors?
  156. SCAD vs Ringling: Illustration Major
  157. Funding for school PLEASE HELP!
  158. Is RISD 6-week summer foundation studies helpful?
  159. Affordable Summer Art Programs
  160. How best to study art on your own
  161. what uni ?
  162. Hi ,which callege is good for art fine ?
  163. Advanced Sculpey Techniques class with Jordu Schell this January!
  164. calstate long beach
  165. Art Institute of Pittsburg Online
  166. Otis - Digital Media
  167. Capilano - Animation and IDEA
  168. Sheridan Illustration Portfolio 2011, anyone?
  169. Looking for digital art school
  170. Summer Art Programs for College Students?
  171. When an art professor's insults goes too far
  172. Academy of Art University?
  173. Going to college to learn 3D Modeling
  174. sheridan animation?
  175. What to do after BA?
  176. getting into risd
  177. Art School after B.S. Degree
  178. BFA vs MFA frustrations
  179. Need Advice From A Concept Artist
  180. Bad Decision
  181. intensive self study?
  182. Getting Into A Successful Animation Student Mindset
  183. Good southern schools with illustartion degrees.
  184. Possible to do masters in arts even though have done bachelors in different field?
  185. Is it too late for me? (2nd bachelors degree)
  186. Portfolio For Sheridan College - Help
  187. Computer Animation vs Illustration
  188. How was National Portfolio Day for you? 2011
  189. Somebody quell my OCAD anxiety
  190. Trying to delete - please ignore
  191. told to "define myself as an artist" at portfolio review, help
  192. 3d software
  193. i'm planning on going to academy of art for animation or game design but i have a ?
  194. what are the best art colleges in California for game design and/or 3d animation
  195. To become a Concept Artist...
  196. Interactive Design Institute online courses
  197. animation @ california college of the arts or academy of art university?
  198. animation @ california college of the arts or academy of art university?
  199. About living at AAU
  200. AAU's game design program
  201. Introduction to Concept Art program at Algonquin College Jan 2011 start
  202. What to do after school?
  203. Teaching & art. Need help/advice:
  204. concept art study - a financial disaster?!
  205. How's my portfolio??-Applying to Ringling and USC
  206. Capilanou animation, Vancouver Film School, or VANARTS
  207. Searching for the right school. Need help guys!
  208. Gunning for Sheridan - How's my portfolio comin'?
  209. Good Universities for Game Art and Design?
  210. In Seattle? I'm giving a demo in January!
  211. Academy of Art University Investigation
  212. Still stumped on school decisions.
  213. HELP Continue or change from AI :(
  214. Masters from SCAD vs a degree from Ringling
  215. Has anyone attend Concept Design Academy?
  216. Schools for computer animation
  217. Is Master degree necessary?
  218. Unsure of my next step, please help.
  219. Classes in Michgan??
  220. Applying to Ringling and Calarts. Portfolio advice?
  221. Seattle: Illustration and Digital Painting Classes?
  222. I'm confused, advice please!
  223. Concept art/animation/illustration school
  224. Need some portfolio advice to get into NAS Sydney.
  225. location drawing?
  226. Atelier Stockholm. Wow.
  227. Academy of Art and Art Institutes
  228. Fashion Institute of Technology? FIT?
  229. Full sail university
  230. Portfolio help
  231. which of the following will be the best animation school
  232. So Rejection letter... Now What?
  233. Considering signing up for part time TAD classes. Could use some advice though.
  234. Notification date of Ringling
  235. Does location matter?
  236. graphic design
  237. BA in Sheridan or Concordia ?
  238. What kind of job can I get with an Art Degree?
  239. M.Arch in AAU
  240. Finding a (private?) school in Toronto
  241. Free Animation School (of sorts)
  242. Applying to VCU; quick portfolio review please?
  243. consulting
  244. portfolio questions + critique?
  245. Lavender Hill studios (traditional art training, London)
  246. The Art Insuitute of Chicago
  247. 6 weeks professional courses at FZD design school
  248. Questions about college options
  249. Transferring to Art Center & Otis in Junior year?
  250. daily routine